Rugaiyah Alkaff

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Rugaiyah Alkaff, BMc, graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, and has since developed a love and flair for writing that led her to embrace a freelance career.

She recently underwent life-changing events, such as the two big Ms called, ‘marriage’ and ‘motherhood’, and has felt nothing else to be as outstanding as these new roles that have intensely enveloped her life. She is now a stay-at-home mum.

Ever since a tender age, Rugaiyah always possessed sensitive, maternal spirits, and dreamt of a happy ever after matrimony, with picture-perfect smiling kids and all that comes with the domestic life.

For Holistic Living Annex readers out there, Rugaiyah will be contributing her personal experiences and tips on family and lifestyle, musings on being a young wife and mother, and sharing her taste of life with the better half, and their bundle of pride and joy.

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