My Mother, My Life

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Today's generation has failed to understand the value of a mother. That is why many take her for granted.

A mother carried you for 9 months in her belly. During those 9 months, she underwent a lot of difficulties but she never gave up. You were given so much priority in her daily life. A mother sacrifices everything just for her child.

After the 9 months came the time for you to see the world for the first time. Even then, her suffering did not stop there. She went through more pain just to bring you up and protect you but your mother never complained. The moment she saw your face, all pain was forgotten. From the moment you were born, you brought happiness to her life, and for that, she loved you unconditionally.

A mother stands beside you every single moment, giving you everything you need. She educates you, teaches you how to live and survive in this seemingly cruel world; giving you the best she can.

As times passes however, a mother slowly fades from the child's memory. Other people have become more important than her. Despite being ignored, she still prays for the best for you. That is the beauty of a Mother. Your love for her may die, but her love for you can never die!

When she is ill, you have no time for her. When she needs you by her side, you are almost never there. Only when she leaves the body will you realise how important she has been in your life.

There is no use crying over spilt milk. By that time, nothing can change the way you treated her whilst she was alive. Therefore, appreciate your mother for she is God's best treasure given to every child on earth.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. There is no life without a mother. May Mother's Day not be celebrated only once a year, but may all mothers be honoured and appreciated every single day...

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Authors: Vinodhini Naidu & Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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Holistic Living Annex (Volume 1, Issue 5 - JUNE 2012 Edn)

4 Responses for “ My Mother, My Life”

  1. iDiot kId says:

    i LuV my MOM 2!

  2. Nic says:

    A sweeping statement to say that a mother's love for her child will never die, when you take into account abandoned children who are left to die upon an unwelcome birth.

  3. Rowena Dais says:

    That is the sacrifice of a mother. Sad, but unfortunately true for many people.

    As for Nic, I believe the authors were referring to the mother who sacrificed their entire lives to give the best to their children. All mothers who have sacrificed their entire lives for their children can never let their love for them die.

    Read it properly to understand the context.. "Your love for her may die, but her love for you can never die!"

    It's solely for those good mothers out there, just like mine. :))))

  4. Pam Rowe says:

    those who are abandoned obviously will never celebrate mother's day with those heartless women. lmao!! for starters, they should not even be called mothers.

    this story is directed to children who failed to appreciate their mothers' existence despite having brought them up with love. oh well, at least i'm happy to say that i for one do not treat my mother that way! we're still best buds till today even though i'm already 42


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