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"The Universe is in Your hands. There is no power from without, only within. Acknowledge that indwelling power, which you yourself, upon yourself, shall shower the beautiful light of Truth, granting you Liberation – Ultimate Freedom."

" 'Life is not a bed of roses'. So one says! But I don't believe a single letter of it! As far as I am concerned, Life IS a bed of roses! It has both flowers and thorns... Which one do you choose to focus on?"

"People these days only take spirituality as an ornament that they wear and take off as they like. It is just a piece of jewellery that masks them so that they appear more 'elegant' or 'high class' in society. This is not true spirituality at all. If the spirituality that one practices can be worn and taken off during the course of the day, then the sadhaka is to re-assess his/her definition of spirituality. Spirituality must be that eternal flame that burns to engulf one's entire being. It is not a part-time job. In fact, it is more than a full-time job too because it is not a job. It is the Supreme I AM, without which the little 'i' cannot exist at all."

"Someone told me: 'You have to be prepared. There will be many rocks along the path you have chosen.' As your faith, so be it unto you. I replied: 'Where are the rocks? I don't see them!'"

"Anyone who ever achieved anything great started with humble beginnings."

"Never blame anyone for your own mistakes. Whatever that happens in your life is your own doing, your own quality of thoughts. As you think, so you become. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Before you can be the Master of your life, you will need to own up to all your actions. That is how you claim your inner power. To say that you are a victim of other people's actions is to tell yourself and others that you are a mere puppet hanging on other people's string."

"Gratitude is not a one-day celebration but should be an everyday habit. To be grateful is to emit a positive vibration, regardless of how small the thing is. When you can look at everything in your life and say "Thank you" for it, you can never head towards the wrong direction. It is the compass towards more abundance in your life. Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!"

"Life is merely a passing cloud. It is a mirage of experiences, that seems very real, but life is in fact only a multi-faceted dream. Everything that you experience is momentary and fleeting. Trapped within this dream due to his 'ego', man is afflicted by misery that has no basis at all since everything he perceives with his five senses is nothing but only an illusion."

"When you do good, you're criticised. When you do bad, you're criticised. So do what you know in your heart to be right! You can never please everybody. So please your conscience."

When Asians teach others about the nature of the Self and the mind, the world calls it a "cult". If westerners teach others about the nature of the Self and the mind, they call it "philosophy"!

"Happiness is not a destination. It is the way of life and the means to bring you to the destination that you have set for yourself."

"All great structures started off with one brick. Even the 7 wonders of the world started off with one rock! Like them, all you need is one noble dream to achieve greatness! That is your brick! So lay your brick now and you will have more and more bricks to lay!"

"True friendship is beyond race, caste and creed. There is only one colour we all share under our skin. Blood red."

‎"Just like how your parents supported you until adulthood at home instead of leaving you in the orphanage, DO NOT put your parents in the old folks home when they grow old! They gave you a home, why can't you give them one too?!"

"Did you know that the physical symptoms of the body are only indicators that the subtle energy fields of man are imbalance? This is largely caused by the misalignment of the chakras due to negativity in the mind. Attempting to correct the residual factor will not cure a disease. Allopathic drugs usually target at suppressing symptoms but do not remove the root of a disease. Though people suffer from the same disease, the root cause of it may be different for each individual. To heal oneself, one must have a thorough understanding on the composition of energy fields and their relationship to the physical body. More importantly, people will one day come to realise that not only the mind is the determinant of one's health, but one's overall destiny as well."

"Who is crazy? What you deem "crazy" may not be so to me, and what you see as normal may be crazy in my eyes. So what is this thing called "craziness"? Isn't everyone crazy in their own ways? It's all about perception my friend. Perception."

"For a man who can tell you that he would leave his wife just for you, how is he even worth your trust when he can very well do the same to you one day?! Women, wake up!"

"In school, the smartest people were the ones who did not make mistakes. In real life, the smartest people are the ones who make mistakes and learn from them to steer themselves towards perfection."

"The past is the past. Why should anyone relive it again? Let bygones be bygones. It is funny how people can still be affected and relive all the emotions of a situation that happened so many years back. So let us focus on the present and see only the good things. After all, every experience is a building block towards perfection. Everything plays its part, even bad experiences. Every single one of them defines your mortal life!"

"Forget failure. Forget mistakes. Forget everything except what you're going to do now! AND JUST DO IT!"

"'You need us to succeed,' a company once told me. No one is indispensable in this world. Don't fall for such nonsense. You need YOU and faith! Master your mind and be the mastermind."

"We do not need to tread down the path that others have laid when we can build our very own."

"If you do not know how to appreciate yourself, on what basis then do you expect others to appreciate you?"

"Tell yourself at the start of each day, "I am going to be happy today no matter what comes my way." Happiness is not a goal. In fact, it is the means to bring you to any goal."

"Nothing borne in the mind of Man did not first exist in consciousness."

"There is no greater nation on earth than your imagi-nation. It works wonders. Einstein believed that it was more important than knowledge, then why don't you?"

"If one does not know something, ask. It is better to ask and be a fool once than to keep the ego and be a fool your entire life. Those who do not know how to ask questions are in fact bigger fools than those who do. Remaining silent doesn't show that you are smart; just silently foolish!"

"To get acquainted with spiritual wisdom is different from putting it into practice. Until you put the wisdom into practice, you cannot say that you "know" it. In other words, you do not know God until you experience God. Mere theoretical knowledge of the existence of God somewhere in your head is like a photograph of a dish. You can have a limited view of it but you cannot rotate it to see it from all angles. More importantly, you cannot taste it!"

"People usually complain about their incapabilities to achieve something. Well, what do you expect? Achievers do not complain, they just do what is necessary to get them there."

"The Mission I have set for myself is to alleviate the suffering of the people, whoever I may come across. Since Life itself is a dream, why not make this a better dream for everyone? Each and every being is a spark of the Divine, be it Man or beast. Each has their own role to play in this game called life."

"All diseases are a result of a sick mind. Correct the mind and your body will be healed."

"Sometimes, failures and difficulties are merely blessings in disguise. You must possess that positive mental attitude to turn challenges into advantages. That is what draws the line between a winner and a loser!"

"The purpose of Man’s birth is to attain the spiritual goal; liberation. Since the Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation, it is therefore important that Man masters his mind to free himself from the cycle of birth and death; duality."

"Anything is possible unto you when you meditate for meditation is the key to unlock all potential. Only through meditation can one get in touch with the real Self that is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient."

"People often warn that meditation can be dangerous. They usually highlight those cases whereby people who meditate suffer from mental problems, brashly concluding that meditation is the cause of it. However, nobody seems to highlight those cases of people, who do not meditate, but also suffer from insanity. Why then did they not say that these people suffer from mental problems because they didn’t meditate?”

"The word 'try' does not exist in my vocabulary. I either do it, or I don't!"

"There is actually no general definition of success. You are the one who is supposed to define it for yourself!"

"Thinking that you will only be happy when your desires are fulfilled is man's biggest mistake. Desires are never-ending. Happiness is to live in the now and be contented with what you have. Only then will miracles begin."

"If one could rewind the clock to relive their life in the past, no one will ever be bothered to treasure the present moment as they will just busy themselves rewinding the clock again and again to correct their mistakes. Heaven knows where they will end up then!"

"Why surround yourself with people who do not see the world the same way you do? If they are cynical of your dreams and make you feel uncomfortable, it is time to cut the cord! The Law of Nature is growth, so don't let these people stunt your growth."

"Someone asked me why do people practice victimisation at school or at the workplace. Well, the answer is simple. They just need to put you down so that they themselves feel 'great'. But remember, it is false greatness that is. They feel inadequate and jealous of others. So they find your flaws to make them feel better. Don't bother yourselves with such fools! You're doing just fine. It is their lost and not yours. March on fearlessly..."

"There are people telling me, oh this or that person is of a lower caste, so they are not good people! We shouldn't step into their houses or eat the food they cook! What nonsense is this?! They could very well be better people in character than you are! In my eyes, there is only ONE caste, and that is the caste of humanity!"

"Why do you seek to find which location or country is the most spiritual place in the world when the true spiritual abode is within you, one which is all pervasive and not just confined to a particular point on the globe?"

""People tell me that they want change and they would like to lead the life they dream of. But when I observe their actions, they did nothing about it! If you want something different, then start doing something different!"

"The most dangerous chains are those that cannot be seen with our eyes. Even if one were to be bound by a physical chain, the suffering that one goes through cannot be compared to being bound by invisible ones. The chains of ego, attachment, greed and selfishness are nothing but signs of Man’s ignorance that robs him of happiness. Only by knowing your true nature can you free yourself from them!"

"People come up to me and say foolish things like 'I know that He is God, or She is God. That is true divinity!' I never knew of such a thing called 'false divinity' when the Divine is Truth itself! How is it that you 'know' of another person's divinity when you yourself haven't a single clue of your own? Know yourself first, then you'll know others."

"'Friends' who are not well-wishers are not really friends at all. One is better off without them. Surround yourself with only people who inspire you to reach out to higher ideals."

"Problems are only opportunities in disguise."

"There is only one whom you can truly rely on, and that is your Self. Whoever it may be, be it family or friends, there will come a day when you all will part ways for nothing is ever permanent."

"Where there is pleasure, there is bound to be pain for without pain, one simply cannot comprehend what pleasure is. The only way to escape the endless cycle is to rise beyond both; the world of duality."

"What is won has to be lost somehow. We came with bare hands, and shall return also with so. We may have stepped into this world crying, just remember to smile when you leave."

"It doesn't matter if other people do not believe in your dream. But you!! You cannot not believe in your dream because when you do, it just goes to show that they were right!"

"When you have 40 tasks to do and have only completed 5, and you can still say, '5 down, and only another 35 to go'... Now that is what I call positive thinking!"

"A single second alone can determine if one lives or die. How many of those 86,400 seconds in one day that you have used to work towards objectifying your goal? So, if you want to change your life, you have to change it NOW! Stop wasting time!"

"When you throw a stone in the middle of the pond, you can see ripples spreading out from that point. This is exactly the same with 'consciously willing' something to happen in your circumstances using the power of your mind. As we are all connected, one thought affects the entire Universe as you introduce your 'will'. The ripples (signature of your 'will') can only be seen and spread out to reach others if the water (the mind) is calm. Imagine throwing a stone in a raging ocean, you can be sure that you will never see the trace of where the stone was dropped into it!"

‎"I have come to notice that the habit of being defensive is one that destroys the opportunity to correct one's mistakes. It is easier to give excuses for them than to break them! How then can one grow out from their mistakes and ascend the ladder of success? How unfortunate are those who possess this habit. To be able to admit your mistake is the most important step in refining oneself towards perfection of character, which is the determinant of you very own destiny!"

‎"The biggest challenge to overcome is not your circumstances. The biggest challenge for anyone to overcome is yourself! When you can break that barrier within yourself, even the sky is not your limit!"

"If you are still hoping for something to happen, instead of realising that it is within your grasp, then you're bound to fail for hope still gives room for doubt to exist. When you say 'I hope that that the bus will wait for me', doesn't that show you have no faith that you will be on time? So the only way to shape your circumstances is by way of faith, for as your faith, so be it unto you."

"When you are about to give up, believing that the road of whatever you are going through now will never end, just remember: What does not end, does not begin. Where there is a beginning, there must always be an end somehow. Persevere, and walk on. You will reach there..."

"We can never be truly happy if we keep on living according to what other people want us to be! You can succeed in anything so long you put your whole heart into doing the thing you love although it may appear as something "IMPRACTICAL" in others' eyes. Life is too short, and you will not be carrying anything else with you anyway when you depart this physical world. Therefore, make life as meaningful as you can so that you depart with no regrets!"

"As some people grow older, they prep with them some ego thinking that they know everything there is to know in the world. This is a danger because it stops your learning process. So you'll never advance further in life than you already are now."

"When I listen to other people's conversations about money, people have this hobby of identifying who is well-off, and who aren't. Those who dress accordingly are labelled to be loaded, whereas those who dress ordinarily are seen to be poor. Come on people. Warren Buffet, a big billionaire lives in a USD$31,500 house!! Why focus on what you see on the outside? These people have forgotten how to live and where to place money. They have instead allowed money to govern their minds and even hearts that they've lost the values of humanity. Having lost complete control over themselves to money, are they not paupers now then?"

"So many people are just like coconuts. The older they get, the more sour they have become."

"4 young Indian girls came on the train and boasted how educated they were, showing off what they have studied in college. Yet, none of them knew how to say excuse me, please and thank you, or have the compassion for other elderly women. Is this what you call 'educated'? What a shame and disgrace to themselves, family and country!"

"I am tired of listening to people around me telling me when something goes 'wrong', even for very minor seeming-misfortune that you can overcome with with clear-thinking: 'Maybe God is stopping you because God doesn't want you to do this?' All the MAYBEs! If we were to assume this way for everything, we will never be determined enough to succeed in something / finish something!"

"How foolish it is to give up on your goals and ideals, which may benefit so many people just because of a small fraction of people criticising your goals / ideals. Which successful person has never been criticised? Name me one! So take these negative comments as a pinch of salt and do what you know to be right within you."

"If we are going to sit back and be afraid of what others think of us, we will end up doing nothing because whatever we do, there will be criticisms. You cannot please everybody. So why not just listen to your heart and do what you know to be right?"

"If you are still distracted and bothered by what others think or say about you, then you are not staying focused enough on your actual goal."

"For every negative situation, train your mind to find 10 or more benefits that came along with it. That is how you ascend beyond your limited self."

"We must always continue moving. Even if you feel lost, keep moving and somehow, a door will open for you. Never remain stagnant. If you do, you'll remain lost forever."

"Why should anyone be ashamed of his or her past? The past is what shaped you to be who you are today. Everything that ever happened, happened for the ultimate goodness."

"If you are really a loving person, there is no need for you to announce that you are so because people will feel that intense love radiating from you... If you are really as compassionate as you say, there is also no need to announce to the world so many times, because again, people will notice... If you are really a humble person, you wouldn't even have tried to convince another person that you possess good qualities in the first place because you would be indifferent! So, why bang the Gong of Ego so loudly to wake the dragon of doom?"

"Perseverance is the key, my friend. You will never know if the moment you choose to give up on something, is the moment when you are about to have a breakthrough. You will only know if you persevered to find out!"

"Good leaders lead by example. They don't teach. They inspire you to follow their footsteps!"

"The moment you decide to give up on your goal could have also been the moment that the goal was almost materialising in your reality. You'll never know unless you remained faithful to it to find out!"

"If we are going to sit back and be afraid of what others think of us, we will end up doing nothing because whatever we do, there will be criticisms. You cannot please everybody. So why not just listen to your heart and do what you know to be right?"

"Life is a drama. Play your role to the best you can. Hero or villain, you choose, but do not condemn those who have adopted the role of the villain. After all, there will be no drama if everyone becomes a hero, isn't it?"

"I have yet to see someone with a smile who is not beautiful..."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Who said a spiritual teacher must only be wearing a saffron robe and be in the jungle? Even a tree can be your spiritual teacher if you can grasp the essence of its existence."

"Maintaining a sound body and a sound mind, with a sound lifestyle, are all equally important to live life to its fullest potential."

"I feel so tired listening to devotees around me telling me when something goes 'wrong', even for very minor seeming-misfortune that you can overcome with with clear-thinking: 'Maybe God is stopping you because God doesn't want you to do this?' All the MAYBEs! If we were to assume this way for everything, we will never be determined enough to succeed in something / finish something!"

"Penny wise, pound foolish. That is the pitfall for most people when it comes to dealing with money."

"Good morning Universe! I embrace You with feelings of love and gratitude. Thank You for this beautiful day and all the good things that are coming."

"Come to think about it, life is indeed wonderful. Life provides us with all the resources we need, if only we just open our eyes to see!"

"Every situation is either good or bad depending on how you see it. When you put on sunglasses, you can't expect to have a clear vision, can you?"

"All have the potential to be anyone and anything they want to in life, yet some choose to condemn themselves to limiting circumstances!"

"Cheats may think that they are very clever for cheating others of their hard-earned money. Little do they know that the ones who have been cheated the most are they themselves because they piteously live with a state-of-mind revolving 'lack' instead of tuning into what the abundant universe has to offer them. Being an unrighteous man will never lead one far in life."

"Only a blinded fool sees that only his or her way is right and worthy. The fault is that of a narrow mind."

"We can never be truly happy if we keep on living according to what other people want us to be! You can succeed in anything so long you put your whole heart into doing the thing you love although it may appear as something 'IMPRACTICAL' in others' eyes. Life is too short, and you will not be carrying anything else with you anyway when you depart this physical world. Therefore, make life as meaningful as you can so that you depart with no regrets!"

"Of what use do we worry for? Be it health or wealth, we came with nothing, and we shall bring nothing with us when we go. All these are just temporal and fleeting states, which we ourselves have assumed within, which is why they have objectified in this multi-faceted dream."

"Nothing is impossible unto the Supreme Consciousness; it is the field of unlimited possibilities. Drop one idea into the still pond of your consciousness, and it shall create a ripple throughout the entire cosmos."

"Everyone seems to be saying how special it is today; V-Day. It's just another alphabet. After all, how far can it run? It is either an A-Day, B-Day, C-Day, E-Day and the list goes on... Every day is special. Live your life full of love and gratitude for the numberless miracles of possibilities around you!"

"Where there is a will, there is a way. If you really want to do something, somehow you'll find a way. If you find yourself finding excuses, then you don't really want it."

"Miracles are everywhere. Don't you feel your heart pumping? Can't you see the sun rising every day? Can you not hear the beautiful sounds of nature? Aren't those miraculous enough for you? Well then, if you don't find it so... then you do not deserve anything more in your life than what you already have now!"

"As some people grow older, they prep with them some ego thinking that they know everything there is to know in the world. This is a danger because it stops your learning process. So you'll never advance further in life than you already are now."

"I wish all a Holy Thaipusam 2012. This is the day commemorating the day when Devi Parvathi gave Murugan a Vel (Spear) so he could vanquish the evil demon Soorapadam. Parvathi (Devi Durga) denotes strength and courage. Similarly, be strong and courageous in vanquishing the 6 vices within Man to purify oneself."

‎"Since God is the Creator, Creation and the process of Creating itself, where is there room for duality to arise? What is the difference between Cause and Result? He is the Cause, Result and the transition from Cause to Result."

‎"People always fear that they are not ready to do something. Never wait till you are 'ready', for you will never really be ready. Just take that first step towards achieving a worthy objective and surrender the rest to your innate consciousness for every step taken will bring you one step closer to realising your goal. If you don't take that first step, you are nowhere nearer to your goal than you are now."

"Remember the time during your childhood when you believed that you could do anything and be anyone you want? You still can. Well, at least I believe I can."

‎"Where there is a time to meet, there will come a time to separate.Thus is the world of duality."

"What is it that Life cannot offer you if you already offered it to yourself from your Self?"

"It's almost one month now for this new year 2012. What have we done to maximise further our potential in life?"

"Election is coming up again and so many I know are busying themselves with their 'let's overthrow the current government' protests. No doubt, people want changes. But when exactly have people been completely contented with ANY 'current' government? If Govn B wins, the next year, I'll also be hearing.. "Let's overthrow Govn B!" And when Govn C wins, the year after that, I'll also be hearing... "Let's overthrow Govn C!" It is an endless chicken chase. Change your concept within, and the rest shall fall into place."

‎"The mind is the divine garden of which you must consistently weed the weeds of doubt, fear and anxiety from. What you sow here is what you will be reaping. Your life is the exact reflection of what you have planted in this divine garden."

‎"That which I accept as being true in my mind shall be true to my circumstances."

‎"Christmas is a Divine event marking the discovery of God within to which all creation moves. It is the significance of the awakening of God within Man. Rise within, and that shall be the true Christmas."

‎"We never fail until we submit to the fact that we have. Thomas Edison had thousands of so-called 'failed attempts' before he finally invented the light bulb. But were they really 'failed attempts'? Weren't those attempts responsible for his successful invention of the light bulb? In your journey to realise a goal, you never really fail. Everything that happens just allows you to improvise so you may closely manouver your way till you hit your target."

‎"Excellence is not born. Excellence is attained through improvisation."

‎"When something does not seem to go your way, it is not because you do not deserve the best. It is because you deserve the best that it happened the way it did, giving way to something better. Think that way, and you shall re-write any trace of negativity."

"There is nothing greater than that you think of yourself."

‎"When you or others say you can, you can. When others say you can't, you still can. But when you say you can't, you cannot."

"Just sharing a thought. People label Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Massage Therapy, Medicinal Herbalism, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine etc. as "ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE". But these systems have been around for ages, healing people waaaaay before Allopathy (drugs) were invented. Isn't Allopathic drugs the 'alternative method' then? Imagine how so many 'modern docs' oppose Alt Med. My dears, our ancestors used these so-called "alt med" to maintain their health for millenniums. Without these systems, you would not even be here in the first place! Think about it!"

"Life is like a game of Scrabble. Though you do not know what letters you will get from the box (and you cannot choose), you will do your best to re-arrange the seven letters to score the highest points possible. Similarly, you do not always know what life is going to hand over to you. Unexpected situations arise all the time. All you can do is to make the best of what you DO have to live the best life you can."

"Lies won't bring anyone anywhere. In any 'ships' - friendship, relationship, or anything else, where there is no honesty, it's definitely a sinking ship!"

‎"Many let circumstances be their Master. They are just like ships going to sea with no direction, beaten and led by the mighty waves, wherever the waves may push them to. Why not be a ship that goes to sea with a guide (clear vision) onboard to steer the wheel (the mind), leading to the desired destination (mission)?"

‎"The people on the outside only reflect to you your deepest thoughts and feelings."

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