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Heartiest welcome to all readers.

The Universal Law has ben declared by all the religions since time immemorial. Realisation of this Truth is thus verily attaining Liberation itself that has long been sought by Man. Live your life to its maximum potential for life is an infinite field of possibilities.

Information shared on Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources' official magazine, Holistic Living Annex, (http://holisticlivingannex.com) aims to help you maintain balance in every aspect to shape your life according to the ideal you desire. This magazine intends to spread the knowledge pertaining to holistic living and the service is available for FREE.

Updates will include topics pertaining to:
1) Spirituality
2) Meditation
3) Mastering of the Mind
4) Mental Science
5) Alternative Medicine
6) Mind-Body Medicine
7) Holistic Living - eg. Holistic Education, Holistic Parenting etc.
8) Inspirational Testimonies / Stories
9) Inspirational Photographs, and more...

The first edition of the magazine is published in February 2012. The magazine will be published in two forms: directly on the site, or in PDF format (readable on Scribd).

With kindest regards,
Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources Team

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