Best Natural Remedy for Maggot Infestation

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Maggot infestation is a problem that often haunts pet or livestock owners. It is otherwise known as Myiasis. Vulnerable to this condition are pets that are kept outdoors, which causes their skin to be moist. Prolonged skin moisture can cause inflammation and infection, making it a favourable spot for flies to lay eggs. Fly larva can hatch as fast as within 24 hours. This especially applies to weak and debilitated pets.

Watch out for moist skin areas, especially wound areas or areas where urine and faeces touch the skin. Worms, whose size can range from 1/4-1 inch, can often be found in wounds.

Detecting Myiasis
When an animal is down with Myiasis, maggots can be seen on the skin or wounds. Fly eggs, which are small, white and sticky, can also sometimes be found.

To prepare for treatment, the animal's fur / hair around the area must be shaved clean.

Treating Myiasis
Treating myiasis is to remove the maggots from the animal's body. This can be a challenging task, especially if you want to remove the maggots, yet keep the animal safe from poisoning at the same time.

Removing the hair around the affected area will reveal the extent of the problem. The severity of the problem can often not be seen since maggots tend to hide under the hair coat. Therefore, the problem is often more serious than initially suspected.

To remove the maggots naturally, these are the ingredients that you will require:
1) 3-4 drops of Neem oil
2) A pinch of Medical Camphor powder

Directions to treat myiasis naturally

1) Pound the Camphor until it is in a powder form.

2) Mix the Camphor with a little Neem oil to form a paste.

3) Apply the paste on the affected area. At this point, you will begin to see maggots jumping off the animal's skin.

4) When an animal is suffering from myiasis, the maggots will often have chewed its way through the animal's skin to form holes. Push the paste through the holes to get rid of the maggots completely.

5) Leave it for some time until no more sign of maggots can be seen on the animal's body.

6) To treat the wounds caused by the maggots, apply a little bit of turmeric powder.

7) Leave on some of the paste on the animal's body for the next 2-3 days to prevent re-infestation.

NOTE: Wear a glove to carry out the procedure stated above.

Why this remedy works? The pungent smell from the Neem Oil and Camphor will keep away all pests from your pet!

Preventing Myiasis
The best way to prevent this condition is to ensure that wounds are cleaned and treated properly. Urine and faeces should also be thoroughly washed off daily.

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Author: Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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