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Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources will soon establish its own clinic / therapy centre in Klang, MALAYSIA early 2013.

We aim to help you maintain an excellent quality of health and well-being so that you can maximise the potential of living your life the best you can.

Although modern medicine stands strongly as people's choice of treatment today, it comes with potential side effects. Reliance on allopathic drugs, surgery and radiation, although provide relief for a short term, may do more harm than good to the patient in the long run. Alternative Medicine practitioners are of the view that drugs do not address the root cause of a particular disease, but merely suppress the symptoms, which are bound to resurface to a greater extent in the future.

Natural healthcare relies on one's ability to reinvigorate the body's own life forces, which includes the body's ability to heal and regenerate. Holistic medicinal systems treat the body as a whole instead of attempting to alleviate a particular symptom. Read more about the differences of approaches between the practice of Alternative & Complementary Medicines and Allopathy here.

Holistic Living Annex Natural Health Centre will help the patient to better understand the functioning of their own body and help them restore it to equilibrium to optimise health and the quality of life.

The Holistic Living Annex Natural Health Centre will provide various natural health therapies such as that are suitable for each specific condition. Therapies that are to be offered will include (but not limited to):

1) Yoga & Meditation Therapy
2) Medicinal Herbalism & Ayurveda
3) Acupuncture
4) Homoeopathy
5) Massage Therapy (Ayurveda, Tibetan Kunye etc.)
6) Craniosacral Therapy
7) Nutrition Advise
8) Counseling & Psychotherapy
9) Naturopathy, and more...

The Holistic Living Annex Natural Health Centre aims to increase the awareness of alternative medicines and the importance of leading a holistic lifestyle to the local community. Our purpose is to ensure that people can experience a greater standard of health, happiness and harmony in both their personal and professional capacity.

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  1. Uma Narayan says:

    Amazing! Can't wait..

  2. Wang Sher Wei says:

    Will you all do natural beauty treatment as well?


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