Expression for Good

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There was a time when you had the might to write.
It was a confused explosion seated on the pinnacle of emotion.
That time was rich; and upon every mental itch,
There was a coloured projection of what one's existence meant.

There was a blood flow that kept the words alight,
Shot from an archers bow, through high and low -
It gave a certain sight.

That epoch of lockless love burning on high,
Incinerating the pages that I -
Wrote of in a time of war -
Saw a sweet symphony die.

And in its red elements, a precise eloquence of self elegance, echoes in eternity.
All our written words will forever serve the nerve of their birth:
Choose Love, or Fear as the reality to steer.

Copyright © 2012 Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources
Holistic Living Annex (OCTOBER 2012)

2 Responses for “ Expression for Good”

  1. Sanchez says:

    Very powerful expression indeed.

  2. duanne Tan says:

    amazing bro hahaha keep going =D


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