Will the World End On 21st December 2012?

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Master, will the world really end on December 21st 2012?

Why do you bother your head over such a thing? The body is after all, a temporary vehicle or garment that you put on. How can the world end when it does not even exist in the first place?

But everyone is saying that the world will end on December 21st. Some have even started stocking up food fearing that there will be a huge calamity that is going to hit the world Master.

A spiritual aspirant should never be swayed by what others talk. A true aspirant will only be focused within, not without. Why be moved by other people’s folly? Don’t be like the lemmings. One jumps off a cliff and you’ll have the rest follow as well. Remain fixated on the spiritual goal. If the world was meant to end, it will end no matter what precautionary steps you may take.

But if we know that the world is going to end on this particular date, we will know that death is nearing. So, at least we can make the best use of our remaining time.

My dearest child, we are all supposed to make the best use of our time regardless of whether the world is going to end or not. Existing on the ego-plane, time is precious. Every second counts! Just because the world is not going to end, everyone wanders around aimlessly, doing useless things because people take time for granted. If the world really is going to end, what will you do then? Spend more time with your family and friends now? Why didn't you before? Start appreciating the beauty around you now? Why didn't you before? After all, if the world is going to end now, everything will turn to ash. You wouldn't even be there to witness it anyway. So what is the point of dwelling on this idea?

I just wanted to know from you Master if the Mayan prediction is true.

The Mayans were just very skilled astronomers. The Mayan calendar is a circle. Everything in life is a cycle. There is neither a beginning nor an end. According to the Gregorian calendar, everyone says that January is the beginning of the year and December is the end. But aren’t all these set by man himself? Why can the year not begin in March or August instead? Why can February not be November and October not be July? Man attaches too much value to external signs and labels. Due to Maya (illusion), he reads too much into something that is futile and forgets his true nature.

Some say that the calendar may also signify a strong vibrational shift. What do you think about that Master?

Only those who are below the mind pay much attention to external factors such as astrology, astronomy or even time. Those who are below the mind will be affected by these external influences. He is enslaved by his mind and senses, and must therefore physically experience the very thing he believes in. The man who is beyond the mind is beyond time and space. He knows that the only force that exists is I AM, and that is God. Aham Brahmasmi. He always was, is and will always be. There is no such thing as ‘shifts’ for the awakened man.

So does this mean that those who believe that there is going to be a vibrational shift will experience such?

They will experience physical sensations as they believe it to be so. After all, the world is vibrational in nature. But they will be experiencing these experiences as a limited individual on the ego-level. An awakened man does not confine himself to a limited experience. He does not define himself as a limited being who is bound to his experiences in his flesh. The awakened man is beyond mind, space and time. He realises that the only Truth is I AM and he abides by it. Tat Twam Aasi. Thou Art That. This realisation can only come to him when he is detached from his mind and senses.

What about calamity then? Can man attract large scale calamity with his mind? With so many believing that the world will end, can the minds of these people create a huge catastrophe that will perhaps wipe out a huge population of the earth?

Yes. Why not? Anything can happen within a blink of an eye. Life is after all only a multi-faceted dream. You think the world exists, but it does not. It is only a mere projection of the mind. Just as you can be walking on the street during your night dreams and flying the next second, so can the world be peaceful and rocked with catastrophe in the next moment. It’s just a dream that seems real. The mind plays the best games possible, including tricking you into believing that you exist. The individual ego that believes it exists is in fact the product of the Mind, which can also in turn influence the arrangement of the Universal Mind. Existence is nothing but Mind. So be weary of what you think and dwell upon. 

A man by the name of Walter Lord wrote a book many years ago titled “A Night to Remember”. In his book, he spoke of a great Atlantic liner of 800 feet long. She was triple screw and could carry a capacity of 3000 passengers. As this liner was unsinkable, she carried very few lifeboats and she could make 24 knots. The author wrote about how the ship was filled up with rich people one night and sank on an iceberg in the Atlantic. 

14 years later, in real life, the White Star Line built a ship which was also 800 feet long, triple screw, could make 24 knots and could also carry 3000 passengers. One night, the ship was also filled up with rich people (most of the wealthiest people in Europe were sailing that ship that night) and she too sank on an iceberg! This ship was also claimed to be "unsinkable"! This story is what you know today as Titanic.

So you see. This fictional ship conceived by the author, who unknowingly lined up his thoughts for the creation of future events, materialised anyway with the exact same characteristics as he had conceived in his mind! So yes. A huge catastrophe could take place in this world if there are enough people who believe in it.

Is there any way to counter other people’s thoughts then Master?

You will only experience that which you believe to be true. There is no need to counter other people’s thoughts. You will experience exactly what you believe in. You will not experience in the flesh the experiences that which do not resonate with your thoughts.

At the end of the day, divinity shines in its full glory when the veil of Maya (illusion) is removed.

Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung's Q&A Session in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA (December 19, 2012)

Transcribed by Sister Mandy Lawson
Source: Sandhya Maarga Organisation

Copyright © 2012 Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources
Holistic Living Annex (December 2012)

3 Responses for “ Will the World End On 21st December 2012?”

  1. Edwin says:

    Shuckss Master. And I thought the world needs a lesson. Recycling sounds good. I guess we'll have to continue putting up with all the bullshit people are doing in this world.

  2. jeremiah says:

    the world didn't end! hopefully all the greed and selfishness ended.

  3. Trisha G. says:

    Very deep philosophy of our existence. I loved it. Thank you.


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