Make Use of Old Newspapers!

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Why throw away your newspapers after reading them when you can use them for something else? To re-use newspapers make you more environmentally-friendly. Yes, there are other ways to make use of your old newspapers than to just chuck them into the recycle bin!

Newspapers are very absorbent in nature. This makes them excellent to absorb all sorts of moisture and even odours.

Here is how you can use your old newspapers around your home:

1)  Ripen tomatoes: Wrap each tomato and leave them at room temperature. It will take some time before the tomatoes start to ripen. It is best to leave them in a dark room. Check frequently for any sign of rotting and remove them.

2)  Wrap gifts: You could use beautiful pages on the newspapers to wrap a birthday gift. E.g. comic pages can be used to wrap a child's birthday gift while the wedding announcement pages could be used to wrap an engagement gift.

3)  Packing delicate objects: One of the most common uses of old newspapers is to wrap delicate items such as photo frames, figurines, porcelains, cups etc. either for storage or moving houses. Wrap them with several pieces of newspaper and crumple some to fill in the extra spaces in the box so that your items are safe. Newspapers are definitely excellent padding for packing delicate items.

4)  Deodorise food containers: Stuffing crumpled pieces of newspaper into your food containers and sealing it can deodorise them. Remember to seal the containers and leave them overnight before you can notice the effect.

5)  Deodorise the refrigerator vegetable drawer: You can also keep the refrigerator drawers dry and free from odour. All you have to do is to line the bottom of the drawer with few sheets of newspaper.

6)  Preserve antique glass: There are some glass products, which finishing can be damaged by cleaning solutions. To avoid using harsh cleaning solutions, you could remove the smudges by rubbing them with a newspaper dipped in a solution of one part white-vinegar and one part warm water. Then, leave them to air-dry before storage.

7)  Removing tough streaks on glass: You could also use newspaper with some cleaning fluid to clean your mirrors and windows. The results are stunning! Your windows and mirrors will shine like new in no time.

8)  Dry and odourless shoes: Want to remove the odour of shoes, or to remove the dampness from a pair of shoes that has been exposed to rain? Just crumple some newspaper and insert them into those shoes. Leave them overnight. Newspapers are highly-absorbent, remember?

9)  Snow boots: You would not want your children to create puddles on the floor when they return home from the outdoors with their wet boots. During winter, remember to keep a pile of newspaper near the entrance. Make them keep their boots on the newspaper, which will in turn save you from the hassle of cleaning the mess up later!

10)  Create fire: Instead of starting a fire at your fireplace or bonfire with a starter log, you could also use tightly-rolled pieces of newspaper instead.

11)  Creating a weed-barrier for gardeners: When building a raised bed, lay some pieces of newspaper before you fill it up with dirt. This will keep the weeds from invading your plants.

12)  Shining stainless steel sink: Did you know you could also use newspaper to make your stainless steel sinks shine? Just wet your newspaper and start scrubbing away.

13)  Handicrafts: Why not have some fun with your children? Use the old newspapers for some fun papier mache projects with your kids.

14)  Cost-effective pet lining: You could use newspapers to line your pet's cage. By shredding them up, you could also use them as a kitty litter. If you have more than what you require, donate them to some animal shelters that are tight on budget. It will surely do them some good.

15)  Creating new handmade paper: If you have the time, you could recycle the old newspapers and turn them into new handmade paper. These handmade papers are ideal for making all types of cards such as invitation cards, birthday cards, season greeting cards etc.

Of course, the best way to reduce the volume of newspaper wastage is to not subscribe to physical newspapers. Instead, read your news online or get an e-reader today. This is how you can help save the environment.

Author: Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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