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Dear HLA,
My daughter is 26 and she often gets cramps before her menstruation starts. Sometimes, she faces these cramps without actually menstruating at all, and they can last for 2 weeks. Is there any way that she can do to make her period come? - (Concerned mother)

Hi 'concerned mother',
It is common for women to experience menstrual cramps before and during menstruation. If your daughter's period cycle is not regular, when she is facing this cramp nearing the supposed date of the beginning of her cycle, she could induce menstruation by drinking a glass of warm ginger water at night before she goes to bed. Some have also recommended that consuming some pineapples could help induce menstruation. If this problem is persistent and you are concerned about its severity, please do consult a gynaecologist.


I feel stressed whenever I am about to face an exam. What is the best way to de-stress myself apart from exhausting my body by exercising? - (all-stressed-up)

Facing an exam can indeed be very stressful, not only for the mind but the body as well since hardworking students often push their bodies to work harder than they usually do. Exercise is an excellent option to de-stress because it reduces stress hormones. It is a good idea to break-free from your books for a short every now and then. There is no need to undertake very rigorous exercises - simple ones will do such as short stretching or a walk to a nearby store. If you still feel that these are not the right options for you, you could also try to de-stress via meditation. Closing the eyes and focusing on the breath can be very good de-stress practices. Listening to soothing music such as Classical music can also help calm you down. Before you go to bed, it is also good for you to try drink some Chamomile tea to soothe your nerves so that you have a good night sleep.


I like the natural healing concepts but some tell me that natural healing methods can be bad for my body. Some doctors advised me to go for western medication and forget all about my holistic health practices like Yoga and all. What should I do? - (Laura)

Hello Laura,
The natural healing concepts are holistic in nature and should not be in any way, invasive to the physical body. However, one must be very careful with some alternative medicine remedies available in the market today because some have been found to be adulterated with some dose of allopathic drugs, which should be prescribed by allopathic doctors only. It is important that you find an experienced and trustworthy holistic practitioner to treat your condition, knowing for sure that he/she is not only out to make a buck. To put the patient first is one of the few maxims that should be upheld by all healthcare practitioners. There are so many cases that have shown the healing power of alternative medicines and holistic health practices. Unless your health condition is completely unsuitable for Yoga practice, we do not see why you cannot continue with it. We would however advise you to consult a professional Yoga trainer. If you are suffering from a condition that requires immediate medical attention, it is probably necessary that you follow your doctors' advice. Otherwise, we at HLA maintain that natural healing methods are generally NEVER bad for your body, unless they are misused.


I have many conflicts with my family members. We argue and fight a lot and I find that I cannot talk to them about how I feel anymore. Because of this, I get depressed more and more because I have all these secrets inside me that I would like to share but I cannot, but I want to. - (depressed)

One should not bottle-up one's feelings too much. You will only end up hurting yourself. Conflicts happen every day, whether it is between family members or outsiders. They occur due to two or more different ideas. It is the difference between each person's ideas that is responsible for conflicts, each wanting to defend his/her idea as the 'correct' one. If what you are holding within you is troubling your mind, it is perhaps a good idea to seek out a counselor. Talking to someone, whether it is a friend or a professional therapist, would relief you from some of the burden that you are carrying around. If you find that you cannot talk to your family members directly, you could also consider getting a mediator to help you convey your message across to avoid direct confrontation. We hope you feel better soon.


Hi. I've read about the homosexual article published on this site. I just found out that my son is gay and I'm finding it really difficult to digest that fact. I accept him as my son, but I'm really battling with the idea that he is gay. Looking at him sometimes make me feel so angry that he is what he is. What can I do to get rid of this feeling? He's my son and I love him! - (clueless)

First, continue loving him as your son. His sexual orientation should not be a factor that determines how much you love him. We understand the phase you are going through now. All parents who just discovered that their child is homosexual would go through this similar phase - they are unable to accept this fact. Continue seeing him as your son and not a boy who is 'gay'. Do your best not to give him the idea that his sexual orientation is not accepted in your family. Otherwise, you may find your son drifting away. If you can, try talking to him gently. Tell him how you feel about the entire situation and how you are trying to adjust yourself and cope with this new information. This will allow him to understand that you still see and love him as your son regardless of what his sexual preference is.


Is acupuncture painful? I feel like trying it but I'm scared of needles. I heard it's really good for pains though.

Acupuncture is not as painful as it sounds. Some parts where the needle is punctured can be more uncomfortable than others. A person does not usually experience pain or discomfort when the needle is punctured into the skin but during the 'manipulation' phase whereby the acupuncturist twists or taps the needle for a few seconds. Otherwise, the patient will only feel a mild prick likened to an ant-bite around the area where the needle is inserted. And yes, acupuncture has been found to be very good for treating aches and sprains.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I liked the reply to the gay mother's question. Why change your treatment towards your son juz coz he's different from the rest of his peers? He's still your son whether he is a criminal or good citizen, gay or straight or.........


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