Origami Mummy

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We proudly present a unique short sketch that exemplifies the greatness of a mother's love for her child in this Mother's Day 2014 movie titled "Origami Mummy".

When one watches this video, one is reminded how often we take for granted the love that has been shown to us by our mothers. There is no love greater and purer than that of a mother's.

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An original film by Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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5 Responses for “ Origami Mummy”

  1. Chico says:

    It was a very good movie. Great storyline! Well done!!

  2. sarah lim says:

    Ohhhhhh!! It was so heartbreaking!!! We don't realise that we do this to our moms. This video really knocked some sense in our heads. I think many would agree that we got to see ourselves through this. I'm watching this for the third time since it was last posted last year during Mother's Day and I'm still touched till now... Thanks for sharing again

  3. Yip Jia Ling says:

    sob~~ sob~~~~ Mothers are so beautiful!!! I really love this sketch! The idea was so original!! I've also watched it last year and it is still refreshing to watch it again now. I love my mama.

  4. Samuel Thomas says:

    You rock girl! Would never have dreamed that origami could become a theme of such a meaningful movie.

  5. Lila says:

    You're good! I love how this movie was scripted around the ancient art of origami. It's simply amazing. So creative and deep.


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