Hamid Reza Sheikh Roshandel

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Hamid Reza Sheikh Roshandel, M.A. (Iranian Traditional Medicine), Ph.D (Nutrition & Holistic Health) is a leading dietician and nutritionist in Iran.

People visit his successful Sib Diet Clinic of 17 years in Tehran to obtain advice on how to adhere to a balanced and healthy diet to maximise health. He also specialises in pulse reading, an art which he has learned from the famous veteran Ayurvedic physician Dr. Brihaspati Dev Triguna (an expert in nadivigyan, the ayurvedic technique of pulse diagnosis) in New Delhi.
From one's pulse, he is able to diagnose the physical and mental state of an individual and their tendencies. Combining both of the pulse diagnosis techniques of Ayurveda and Traditional Iranian Medicine, he can correctly prescribe the right diet to manage or even overcome a particular illness with the correct herb.

Roshandel aims to educate people about the effectiveness of the Iranian system of medicine. He will be sharing his knowledge about diet and nutrition to HLA readers.

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