Food to Boost Memory

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Having a great memory is an asset to all, both young and old. There are food items out there that may help you boost your memory strength. These include:

ApplesRecent studies have shown that apples, containing high levels of quercetin, are an antioxidant that may protect one against Alzheimer’s disease. It is useful for one to know that quercetin is mostly found in the skin of an apple, which many have the tendency to peel off before eating it. My suggestion is to eat an apple with the skin on, but do remember to wash the apple’s skin thoroughly first before consuming it.

GrapesAll red, purple and black grapes also contain quercetin and anthocyanin, which are good for memory-boosting.

CherriesThis fruit is another good source of anthocyanin and melatonin, another 2 potent antioxidants which enhance memory and learning. Melatonin is also responsible for inducing sleep. For one who has had a good sleep tends to study and perform better at school.

BlueberriesNumerous studies have also concluded that blueberries improve one’s memory and brain capacity in general. This fruit too contains anthocyanin and other nutrients that help promote the brain to function healthily.

SpinachSpinach is claimed to reverse memory loss due to the presence of folic acid content found in it, which is believed to protect one against Alzheimer’s disease or age-related memory loss.
Note: Half-cup of cooked spinach provides you your 2/3 daily requirement of folic acid. Experts say that daily supplements of folic acid could improve memory and brainpower of elderly people.

BroccoliThis bushy vegetable also contains quercetin and is another good source of folic acid.

Red BeetsBeets are a good source of anthocyanin and folic acid.

EggplantEggplant is a great source of anthocyanin. It also contains nasunin, an antioxidant that protects the lipids in brain cell membranes.

OnionsRed onions contain anthocyanin and quercetin. Yellow and white onions also contain good levels of quercetin. In India, where onions are an important staple, onions have been used as a folk remedy to boost memory for centuries.

RosemaryResearchers discovered that carnosic acid in rosemary is neuroprotective and may play a role in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative brain disorders. One study even found that just the scent of rosemary improved the memories of office workers.
Another important student-food are nuts and raisins. There is a myth that walnut is shaped like a brain, hence it is believed to be a good supplement for one's memory.
So dear students, if you have not been very fond of fruits and vegetables, think again!

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