Maurice Thurman

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Maurice Thurman is a retired teacher, an international Land Rover expert and author. He has been driving Series Land Rovers for over 25 years, with six of those spent in the rainforests of Borneo, driving in remote locations on former logging trails, and two years in Papua New Guinea.

These were environments where Land Rover problems required quick diagnosis and often innovative temporary solutions.

Maurice has driven various vehicles across the Sahara, from the UK to Pakistan, and across Australia, in between undertaking numerous shorter, less demanding trips. These have enabled him to build up a good working knowledge of hands-on roadside vehicle fault identification and repair. Thurman has written 3 books on Land Rover Series 1, 2 and 3.

The jovial adventurer resides in the United Kingdom and spends his time running the number 1 website on Land Rovers, which can be found at . Maurice will be contributing articles related to his his own path through life with inspirational values to motivate Holistic Living Annex readers.

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