Whatsoever that you push against, pushes against you

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My message for you today is:

"Whatsoever that you push against, pushes against you!"

Today's article revolves around my personal experience with two little tea cups a few years ago.

For those know know me, I do not have the habit nor do I encourage the habit of indulging in drinking tea and coffee. The only tea I would drink occasionally is Chinese tea.

Nevertheless, when I was in Dubai in 2010, I came across a cafeteria that had nothing better on the menu to drink except Indian tea. I was feeling thirsty, so I had to make do with that.

While I was waiting for my tea to be served, a 'tea-lover' came up to me and asked: "Oh, you love tea too?"

I immediately replied, "Nahh... Never.. There just isn't any other better choice here. I NEVER drink tea, especially Indian tea."

Do not get me wrong. Indian tea tastes good, but I never really did develop a taste for it because of its negative impact on health. Needless to say, the possibility of an addiction (just like the people I know of) does not seem very appealing too.

Anyhow, back to the story. We both then parted ways and I carefully brought the cup of tea to my table and reached out for my sandwich. Before I could do that, my right hand accidentally knocked the tea cup down and my tea spilled on the floor.

Now, I had NO tea to drink and a huge mess to clear! This was the first time I ever knocked over a tea cup. I was never clumsy to this extent before, so I thought to myself what could have gone wrong?

Immediately came the replay of the earlier scene in my mind. I heard my very own voice saying to that 'tea-lover' 5 minutes ago: "Nahh... Never.. There just isn't any other better choice here. I NEVER drink tea, especially Indian tea."

Could this really be? I spilled the tea because I pushed against it 5 minutes ago?

What was done, was done. I left it at that and never thought about it again until a few days later. I came back to the same place, and I ordered tea again! At the same counter, I had these thoughts running in my mind: "Oh my, Genevieve! You do not drink tea! Why are you ordering tea again? Sheeeeesh~"

After I was served, I had my breakfast and drank a little of that tea. Everything seemed fine. Then a friend came along and sat down to joke with me regarding the administration of the Epipen (automatic injector for anaphylactic reactions). Whilst trying to mimic the administration of the Epipen, he banged the table so hard that the table shook and there went my tea again! It spilled all over the floor and on my shoes! Oops!

Doesn't that tell us something? All these happened because I pushed the tea away from me in my mind. Whatsoever I push against, pushes against me.

This lesson is essential in every aspect of our lives. When people go to work, they dread about it; hence, it dreads them too! They complain about this and that, and then before they know it, everything around them goes wrong. This in turn gives them more reasons to complain about. Can you not see? The cycle never ends! Only a change in mind will break that cycle of suffering. You cannot expect to excel in your job if you spend your time complaining and cursing it. A deep respect for it will make you work towards a direction that is worthwhile

So, whenever you are going to focus on something negative, think again. Take a U-Turn. It may seem difficult at first because it has already become a habit for Man to react to negative circumstances, but with practice, you will form a new habit, and that habit forms your attitude in life. Your attitude shapes your character, and your character in turn determines your destiny!

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4 Responses for “ Whatsoever that you push against, pushes against you”

  1. SeCcA says:

    You should have given me those two cups of tea. I luvvvvvv tea! Now I must remember not to hate my boss, so she will not pick on me so often.

  2. mandygirl says:

    so true! i remembered myself feeling disgusted at a particular polka dot dress, and i swore that i'd never be seen in that on the streets. funnily enough, my granny bought it for me for christmas, and my mom forced me to wear that polka dot dress to go visit her!!

  3. Yuri says:

    You must have caught many people's attention with that Polka dot dress Mandy! Hahaha.. It's quite difficult though, because we express our thoughts of disgust very naturally at some things. And we don't really think all the time that it is going to come back to us. And voila, it catches us unprepared!

  4. mandygirl says:

    i did!! i suddenly felt like a polka leopard roaming the streets. when i expressed my disgust for that dress at the supermarket, never in my dreams i would have thought that my granny would get it for me for xmas! it was a real disaster. must really start watching and recording our thoughts. haha


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