Are You Exposed to Harmful Radiation?

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What is radiation? Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves (also popularly known in short as EMF) or as subatomic particles. Day in and day out, we are surrounded with radiation. There are so many things in the world today that emanate radiation including electromagnetic fields of power lines, computers, radios, cell phones, natural grids and even water veins.

Research has revealed that such fields are harmful to living organisms. Nevertheless, knowing its nature can help you reduce the negative effects as best possible. Radiation generally pervades space and has extra affinity for radioactive deposits, underground veins of water, heavy clay and more. The weather also plays an important role in determining the intensity and polarization of these harmful radiation rays. Water levels and floods contribute to the upheaval of these toxic radiations.

Such factors are known as geopathic stress in the field of Radionics. Researchers have discovered a strong correlation between the influence of geopathic stress and diseases. A blood sample placed over two streams crossing underground was observed to mutate into cancer in two weeks. Plants growing over the crossing were also positively tested for cancerous tumours, whereas smaller plants weakened and died. If exposure to radiation can harm other organisms, the human body is no exception.

Exposure to harmful radiation over a sufficient period of time can cause measurable physiological effects. Simple symptoms may appear mild, which include (but not limited to) lethargy, fatigue, frequent mood swings, restlessness, aggression and depression. However, over-exposure can also result one to suffer from infertility, Parkinson’s disease, brain damage, cancer, leukemia and even death. Therefore, protecting oneself from radiation is crucial because although in small doses, symptoms do not appear severe, but when exposed for a longer period of time, it may even cause long-term genetic effects!

When we sleep in a geopathic stress zone, the body directs all its subtle energy to ensure that the vital organs continue to work properly, and hence the immune system suffers as the body does not fully function in absorbing nutrients and combat infections. The position of the bed is therefore considered the most important for many geomancers (Feng Shui and Vastu practitioners) and also Radiesthetists. This is where we spend most of our time resting. Traditionally, Radiesthetists used angle rods (pendulums are used nowadays) to dowse for concentrated harmful radiation sites so that they can adopt natural ways to neutralize those harmful rays, or to minimise as much as possible their negative impact on the physical body. Studies have been conducted in hospitals revealing patients’ sudden significant improvement after moving their beds from active radiation zones.

You should also minimise your usage of items that radiate harmful rays such as cell phones, microwaves etc. Many people have the habit of hanging cell phones around the neck. This is dangerous as the phone is placed very close to the heart region. Cell phones have emanate a lot of harmful radiation. Since radiation causes the development of cancer in merely a blood sample, imagine how much more harm it can do to your heart?

Sleeping without any electronic items around you would also be a good idea so that the vital functions of bodily organs can be effectively carried out without disruptions.

Author: Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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3 Responses for “ Are You Exposed to Harmful Radiation?”

  1. Lisa Mac says:

    But in this fast-paced moving world, we need all these technology. When I rush for work, the microwave is my life-saver!!

  2. Just a reminder Lisa. The microwave only appears as a life-saver, but in the long run, it is a life-killer. There are so many things nowadays designed for our convenience, but may be harmful to our health. We can use technology moderately. If you must, use the microwave, but try not to be over-dependent on it. Perhaps packing sandwiches or fresh salads would be a good alternative for lunch at work?

  3. herman says:

    I'm a qualified radiesthetist.. have been using this method for many years now. Geopathic stress does exist and people should know how harmful it is on our bodies. The benefits of the practice of Radiesthesia in finding dangerous zones is still yet to be discovered by the public. Good article


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