They're 'Listening' to Your Thoughts

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Just because you are thinking it in your head, does not mean they are not listening. We are all connected regardless of whether you know it or not. In fact, there is only ONE Universal Mind. That is the Supreme Consciousness, which is all pervasive. Since we are all connected, whatever we think is definitely not known only to us.

The concept of the Mind is but a complex one. All thoughts originate from that ONE Universal Mind, yet we appear to have our own individual ‘minds’. The conscious mind is the one that seems to appear unique and individualised. However, we are all connected not only with every being, but the entire Universe subconsciously.

How do we know if the subconscious mind exists? The subconscious mind is responsible for carrying out all bodily functions including the pumping of the heart, the flow of blood and so on. You are not consciously aware of these processes, but they still continue all the same. It is also the same with life’s circumstances. Our thoughts and feelings are continuously imprinted on our subconscious mind, which later on shape our life. If our thoughts could cause the entire Universe to move in order to shape our circumstances, it would also mean influencing others to react in a certain way to form a certain 'ending'. Therefore, our thoughts are not unknown to others. Everyone is in fact, listening to your thoughts.

I would give an example. There was this old lady working in a cafeteria who often pulled a long face most of the time. She was also popularly known to others as being grouchy and unreasonable. I hardly eat breakfast, but there was one day when I did, I visited that particular cafeteria. It had been a long time since I stepped in there. While I was selecting the items, the lady sat at one corner and gave me a long-hard stare so much so that I began to feel uneasy. For your information, I do not know this lady personally at all. However, she knows me, but she never spoke to me before. I quickly paid my bill and sat myself at a table. Nonetheless, she continued staring at me.

Questions rushed through my mind:
“Why is she staring at me like that? Is there something wrong with my appearance today? She looks as though she is going to eat me up!” ….. and so on.

Upon realising what my mind was doing, I immediately stopped it. Never let your mind run wild. When it starts to wander, pull it back together. Incoherent thoughts generally form a weak personality. So, it is important to always keep it in check.

I started directing the mind to think all the wonderful things the lady has done. Again I would like to note that I do not know her personally, but that did not stop me from thinking wonderful thoughts about her.

When I stared at the food, I felt grateful that I was going to enjoy this well-cooked breakfast. The process of
subconscious communication started with thanking her for her dedication in running the cafeteria so well all these years. How many people possess the aptitude to do so? I was able to sit down there to enjoy a good meal because of her dedication and effort. Then I thought about how difficult it must have been for her to cater food for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people every single day, and again I thanked her for her perseverance and commitment for serving others. I then looked around and observed her staff members. It is also not an easy task to manage so many staff members every single day, so again I thanked her for pulling that off. I continued the process until I felt satisfied within.

That night, I went back to that cafeteria for dinner. Surprisingly enough (or not), the lady smiled and talked to me. She even served me personally, asking me if I wanted a bigger portion. I have patronised the cafeteria outlet for years, and never once did she ever speak to me. After the subconscious communication earlier that morning however, she finally did. It was absolutely amazing. Even after a few days later, the trend continued.

So you see, this is the extent of the power of your thoughts! When you think of someone in a positive light, it comes back to you. So be weary the next time you have negative thoughts of another person. People are ‘listening’ to your thoughts (subconsciously) all the time! People are influenced subconsciously to react according to your thoughts and feelings. So, change your thoughts and you will change your circumstances!

Excerpts of Lecture delivered by Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung
New York, UNITED STATES (August 13, 2011)

Source: Sandhya Maarga Organisation

Copyright © 2012 Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources
Holistic Living Annex (Volume 1, Issue 4 - MAY 2012 Edn)

8 Responses for “ They're 'Listening' to Your Thoughts”

  1. Bob says:

    Fascinating! Are you sure the lady wasn't nice to you just because you went back there to offer her more money? Juz jokin'

  2. Soshana Rao says:

    Brilliant!! I loved this lecture. There really isn't any division between all beings. We are all One, exactly like what the Vedas proclaims.

  3. Anjali says:

    Love this article. We attract the both the positive and the negative. So why not stop letting the monkeys run wild in our mind but plant it with flowers instead! -Anjalinanda-

  4. mandygirl says:

    i was there for this lecture. thxx for posting this up. it's a good reminder for me not to gossip about others again. haha

  5. Joanna Hawkins says:

    Lol @mandygirl. Are you trying to announce your gossiping habits to the world? It was a really good lecture by the way Genevieve.

  6. Olga J. says:

    I had always thought that people know what we think in some way or another. Thanks for sharing.

  7. mandygirl says:

    @joanna: for your info.. it's a reminder for all too! *winksssss

  8. Lee Ai Ling says:

    So we indirectly affect ppl's thoughts? So we are all telepathic?


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