Vegetarian Fish Curry

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Curry. Are all curry dishes the same? Definitely not. Even though they look the same, the taste of each type of curry differs. This is a Vegetarian Mock Fish Curry that will not only improve your appetite, but is very nutritious as well since it is cooked with many vegetables. It is also not too spicy even though it is cooked with dried chillies, which help improve the aroma of the dish.

This dish is dedicated to all curry lovers. Served with white rice, there is no need for other side dishes as the variety of vegetables in this dish is already sufficient to provide you the protein that your body require. Be prepared to go for a second scooping.

10 Okra (Lady Fingers), halved.
10 curry leaves.
8 cloves of garlic, chopped.
4 medium tomatoes, sliced into 6 parts.
3 medium round Brinjals (the shape depends on local supply), cubed (large pieces).
1 medium onion, chopped.
3 dried chillies, halved (depends on individual preference)
6 Tbsp of vegetarian fish curry powder mixture (preferably Baba's brand).
4 Tbsp of cooking oil
1 tsp of Fenugreek.

500gm soy-based vegetarian fish, sliced.
70gm Tamarind paste, soaked with 150ml water.

500ml of water
Pinch of salt to taste


1) Pour some cooking oil into a pan, which s enough to cover the entire surface of a sliced vegetarian mock fish. Heat the oil and fry the slices of 'fish' until golden brown and keep them aside.
2) Prepare a wok or a deep pot that can be used for frying. Heat the cooking oil for awhile.
3) Put in the onion and garlic. Fry them fr a few seconds. Then, add in the dried chillies, Fenugreek and curry leaves until aroma arises.
4) Add in the fish curry powder (Note: it is vegetarian) and fry for a few seconds. Then, add in water and stir until the powder dissolves.
5) Throw in the brinjals and tomatoes, and let it simmer until the brinjals turn medium-soft in texture. Then, add in the Lady fingers d add the Tamarind water.
6) Add a pinch of salt to taste.
7) Insert the fried mock 'fish' into the curry and let it boil for some time. The gravy should not look too creamy, but slightly watery. If the mixture is too dry, then add in some water and cover with the lid and leave it for a few minutes.
8) Once the Lady Fingers are cooked, turn off the fire and leave the curry covered for 5 minutes before serving.

Author: Wong Eileen

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2 Responses for “ Vegetarian Fish Curry”

  1. Tania says:

    Yummy. My favourite!! The recipe is the same for using actual fish right because I'm not vegetarian.

  2. Kimi Ong says:

    Wow! You all actually have a bowl engraved with the website's url? Cool man!


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