Designated Parking Space in Manhattan Just For Me!

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Finding a parking space in Manhattan is one of the biggest headache one can ever have in their life! When I mastered the law of attraction, I thought I would use my mind to manifest my perfect parking spot. It was a big challenge though since everyone would be fighting for that spot.

What I would do every time I needed to drive down to Manhattan is to feel thrilled with my special parking spot right where I want to shop. I capture the feeling that I would normally feel whenever I drive into one. I know my story isn't very long, but to sum it up, out of 10 times, I would normally get the perfect spot 8 times! The remaining 2 times, I would get a parking space perhaps just slightly further than where I expected to get. Still, I get a parking space all the time!

Don't forget to feel grateful whenever you get a parking spot. It is an insurance for future parking spots. Adios.

By Randy Wilde
from New York, U.S.

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1 Response for “ Designated Parking Space in Manhattan Just For Me!”

  1. Georgia F. says:

    I do just that every day. It's become my routine. It really works. People always asked me how I always get my favorite spot. "Magic" I say.


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