Early Birthday Present When In Dire Need of Money!

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I must say that I am an ardent fan of this website since I discovered it in June last year and have tried implementing some of the tips published here. I was in dire need of money in November last year as I had only 30 dollars left in my bank after paying up my bills to last me for the whole month. Things were not going well for me at that time. It's a long story.

Anyhow, I remembered reading somewhere on this website about how we can meditate on a goal and it will materialize. The article mentioned of two people who wanted a blender rather badly but did not want to pay anything for it. They eventually manifested the blenders for free by the power of visualization. If they could manifest a blender for free, what if in the place of a blender was money instead? I just needed another 500 dollars after all.

My desperate situation called in for some faith. For nights  before I went to bed, I would imagine someone handing me a check for 500 dollars in my name. It was hard at first because why would anyone give me a check for 500 dollars all of a sudden? No one owed me any money and I didn't even participate in any contest! I could not figure out where I would get the money from.

In that article "as within, so without", the speaker asked us to experience the example of how our wish has already been fulfilled. Since I didn't enter any contest, the only thing I could imagine in my mind was someone (without a face) handing me a check for 500 dollars. I hear in my head a voice telling me "here is 500 dollars for you to spend!" I repeated the scene over and over again until I drifted off to sleep.

There are times when my mind would sort of laugh at me, challenging "who the hell will give you 500 dollars to spend??"

I had to hush that voice and just start over again. I did it for about 5 days and to be honest, it got easier by the day. I still didn't have any sign of the money but somehow I felt safe. The more I did my visualizations, the more I felt that I didn't need to worry anymore.

On 7th November 2012, I went for lunch with my mother. During our meal, she pushed an envelope in my hand and said "here is 500 dollars for you to spend! Somehow, your grandmother wanted you to have this as an early birthday present." - my birthday was not until January 2013! And she spoke the exact same words I had visualized every single night! That sent a shiver down my spine!!

By Charlotte Lewis
from Minnesota, U.S.

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4 Responses for “ Early Birthday Present When In Dire Need of Money!”

  1. Cassie says:

    Someone wrote somewhere advising us not to see money as those green printed paper but an idea. Money is not out of reach. We just need to believe we have it and believe that we are worthy of it.

  2. Phil says:

    I've attended one of Master Genevieve's lectures before in London. A friend brought me there because I wanted to learn how to meditate. It was quite an experience! I got more than just sitting cross-legged at one corner of the room. I learned an invaluable lesson about the mind that I never knew before. All 3 stories for this new column are very inspiring. I hope to read more. Cheers

  3. Kimi Ong says:

    Money, money, money. It's a rich man's word. Or not! It's everyone's word!

  4. Celia says:

    TQ for sharing. Very informative.


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