Winning the Lottery is A Mindset

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I have never won a big amount of money from the lottery before. I've had a couple of small wins, but I always dismissed that as sheer luck. Whenever I hear people winning a significant sum of money from the lottery, I used to feel the jealousy raging inside of me. Why is it that they got to win the lottery and I didn't?

A couple of years ago, I heard about how our mind influences our 'luck'. So, all of a sudden, there is no such thing as luck. It all made sense. I remembered when I bought a lottery number in 2003, I actually stayed up all night praying that I would win something out of it. I kept repeating "thank you's" to a higher power for helping me win this lottery. The next day when the numbers opened, I won! It wasn't first prize or anything, but at least I won something. At that time, I didn't know I was the cause of my winning. I thought it was just luck and some help from above. Because of that, I could never repeat my winning again.

What I've learnt throughout the years is that our thoughts always come back to us. Because of this, what we wish or feel for others, we will get them back ourselves. So imagine how much jealousy I have felt for others over the years, no wonder I didn't strike any after my first winning! So I changed my mindset. Whenever I hear or read anywhere about people striking a lottery, no matter how big or small their winning is, I always give thanks. I give thanks not because they benefit me, but because the money that they have gotten must have improved their lives in some ways or another. I share their happiness with them nowadays so much so it feels as if I have struck the lottery myself! That is the first step.

Because I was raised up in a family who play the lottery all the time, I always thought they were throwing their money away. That is, now I know, a limiting belief. I had to remove that if I wanted to strike any lottery. Even though it was a long time back, it has formed my belief system. To remove that limiting belief, I looked myself into the mirror and repeated: "The whole world is playing the lottery. As long as we are not addicted to it, we can play it just for fun just like lucky draws to test the power of our mind to ourselves."

Soon, I got comfortable with the idea. It has become a habit. Each time I see the mirror, I will repeat the above phrase automatically.

About three weeks ago, I decided to fully give my best shot in visualizing myself winning the lottery. Every morning, I wake up feeling great as though I've won the first prize lottery! Before stepping out of bed, I would visualize myself holding the check for the lottery. You see, my first winning in 2003 was a small consolation prize, so it was given to me in cash. I wanted the first prize, so they cannot be giving me in cash but in check! So I did. I went online to calculate my possible winning for the amount I bought for and visualized a check for that amount!

In my mind, I was holding a check worth that value. I smelled it. I felt the thickness of the check in my hands. I saw the amount written in digits and in words. I saw my name printed on it! Holding the check, I allowed myself to feel the emotions of winning the first prize lottery. I also see myself going to the bank and keying in my password at the ATM machine to enquire my balance. And I see the exact amount in my bank account after I have cashed the check! After feeling satisfied, only then I would get out of bed and do my daily chores.

In the nights before going to bed, I repeated the same visualization process.

Since I started visualization, I never allowed a single thought about lack of money to bother me. I became so confident that the lottery money was already mine! When something came up that I had to pay some money, I felt that I could afford it. I guess that is what it means by letting an idea to sink deep within us that we begin to really 'feel' the reality of it. I never dreaded paying anything. I just paid it (even though in reality, the money is still not here yet) because I know that I have won the lottery!

Last Saturday, everything I imagined and gave thanks for came true! This time, I did not win the consolation prize. I won first prize just as I had envisioned it in my mind! I went to collect the 'check' and cashed it at the bank. Then I took my ATM card and saw the same amount I had always imagined in my mind during those 2 weeks! Nothing was a surprise at all because I've walked through that scene for 2 whole weeks and it worked! So winning the lottery is a mindset, not luck! Thank you universe!

By Masako Tan
from Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

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4 Responses for “ Winning the Lottery is A Mindset”

  1. Francis Ng says:

    I'm going to win the next lottery. Thanks Masako!

  2. Ryuichi says:

    I also wanna win Lottery XD

  3. Garuda chan says:

    So do I!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a remarkable story! My question is should you really specify exactly the jackpot amount you want to win and buy your ticket when the lottery gets to that amount, or play whenever you feel good no matter the prize amount?


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