How To Give Your Pet a Fur/Haircut?

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Every being needs a trim at some point whether it is us humans, animals or even plants. Trimming helps keep an organism look neat and clean. Giving your pet a haircut (or more accurately known as 'furcut') can be a challenging task. Things can get messy if it is done correctly and your pet may even get hurt along the process. In this article, I will be guiding you how to give your pet a haircut - the best way I know possible.

Are you ready to groom your pet? Follow the step-by-step guide below and let's have some fun!

1)  The first step is to wash your pet. I know it is not fun, but it needs to be done to get the dirt and any item that could be tangled in your pet's fur/hair. After washing, give him/her about 30 minutes to air-dry. It is always easier to cut the fur/hair when it is dry.

2)  Next, take your pet to the garage for the fur/haircut session. That way, the mess is easier to clean up. Get out the clippers first. Set the guard so that it will cut the fur/hair to about 2-3" depending on the season and your pet’s fur/hair. Use the brush to brush the pet’s fur/hair up in the opposite direction of fur/hair growth.

3)  Start at the back of your pet and work forward in the opposite direction of fur/hair growth. If you have a good pair of clippers, it should get the fur/hair cut the first round itself, but some pets have thick fur/hair and may need more than one pass of the clipper. NOTE: Ensure that you only cut the fur/hair on the main body of the pet (not legs or head) with the clipper.

4)  The scissors will be used to trim the fur/hair on the legs and face. Remember to pull the fur/hair away from the pet’s body so that you would not accidentally injure your pet. Be extremely cautious around the face and make sure your pet does move if you are cutting around the facial area. Another sensitive area to watch out for is its tail. Feel for the tail and keep your finger on it as a guide as to where to cut and where not to.You can cut off a lot of bulk from the tail, but just be careful not to injure the animal.

5)  Finally, brush your pet with the pet brush to get rid of any loose fur/hair from his/her body. This is your opportunity to check your pet’s fur/hair for any strands that you might have missed and trim any uneven areas.

Author: Ang Mei Hwa

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