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Don't let these illusions fool you,
These colours, sound, taste and feelings that you had created,
Don't let them fool you,
There is something that is "You" within your causal body,
This vessel,
If you search and keep an eye for it,
You would experience that "You".

It is a feeling that is like no other,
Very otherwordly and would at times appear abnormal,
That is because not many have felt it,
And those who had,
Could never describe it using words,
It is a feeling that only you can experience,
And each experience is individual and special.

There would be times when you come face to face with the "You",
One would realise that nothing else matters,
And one would have this amazing sense of comfort,
Comfort in knowing that things are alright,
That nothing can harm you.
That this is the real You.

This feeling has nothing to do with the Mind/Ego,
It comes naturally and is there,
Like the sun,
Ready to be tapped if you're ready to experience it,
This emotion would make you realise,
That everything you had read or believed in,
Were but tools and pathways for you to experience this,
This moment.
This "You".
And when you do come to that point,
There is no glorious music to celebrate this pinnacle,
No bright coloured lights,

In fact that moment is so simple,
And yet perfect,
You would even laugh to yourself,
And say, "Now I remember why I'm here. It's because of this."
And then you're no longer afraid of life or death,
You're no longer afraid because you've become,
Aware that nothing can harm you and that everything is perfectly fine as it is.

It is akin to watching a movie on a television,
You're a witness,
Observing the scenarios taking place before your own eyes,
Enjoying immensely at what you had imagined and created,
A game called life.

And the answer is actually staring back at you,
You can see it if you choose to listen,
And then when you do finally get it,
You would slap your head and smile,
You were the very same creator that you had been searching for all this while.

Poet: Sukhbir Cheema

Copyright © 2012 Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources
Holistic Living Annex (AUGUST 2013)

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