Hair-Fall No More When You Stop Shampoo and Use This!

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If you want your hair to STOP falling, then STOP using chemical-based shampoo.

When I was living in Dubai a few years ago, my hair started to drop like mad due to hard-water and of course, shampoo in cute tiny bottles provided by the hotels in different parts of the world. These were all chemical-based products and they were NO GOOD for my hair.
Not only were they bad for the hair, they were bad for the scalp as well because the dandruff problem worsened over time and there were oh-so-many times when I had scratched my scalp and it bled.

But for a frequent flier like me, it was easier to use these provided sets. Now that I'm based on the ground, I started using herbs to wash my hair in place of chemical-based shampoo. I use a combination of Indian herbs to wash my hair and voila... Believe it or not, after the first application, no more dandruff. Your hair looks and feels nourished, soft and light. The hair also looks as though it has more volume right after the session.

The front part of my hair above the forehead was balding, but I had baby hairs around the area. They could never really grow fully due to irritation caused by chemical-based shampoos. After 2 weeks of using herbs, they started growing and the bald patch is slowly disappearing.

I even started using these same herbs to bathe my 5 dogs. Believe it or not, if your dog is infested with ticks, forget the strong chemicals. Bathe your dog with these herbs and ticks will start jumping off their body. Their coat becomes soft and Kiara, my female dog, who had a small bald patch around her back is also now fully healed and covered with thick fur. The shedding problem became lesser and they seem happier without having to scratch as frequently as before because of sensitive skin.

So what is my secret?

Here is the recipe you will never want to forget:
Combine the powder of cassia obovata leaves (which similar to henna, but NOT Henna), Henna, Indigo powder, Shikakai, Krishna Siris (Narlinga in Telugu or Wunja in Tamil), Indian gooseberry, Fenugreek (otherwise known as Methi), Chinese hibiscus, Brahmi (Ayurvedic term), Bhringraj (Ayurvedic term), Indian spikenard, Neem, Vetiver (Khas Khas), and Pharmaceutical-grade Camphor.

Try to get all these herbs in powdered form if possible. Otherwise, get the dried version and powder them. Mix all of them together. For each hairwash, take a handful and mix with some water to create a paste. Apply generously on your scalp (especially if you have dandruff problems). Leave it on for 5 minutes for a normal hairwash session. Extend the session to 15 minutes if you intend it to be a hair treatment session.

The combination of these 12 herbs will leave you never longing for shampoo again, ever!

I usually add a few drops of cactus oil (instead of the common application of coconut oil) on the hair. This really helps in preventing hair loss. Not only is it not oily, it smells great too!

After following the steps listed above religiously for some time, I am pretty sure your chemical-based products will be on their way to the bin.

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  1. mandygirl says:

    i really need this for my hair!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What proportion of herbs I should use


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