Empowering Young Performers (An Interview with Michael Law Ming Wai)

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(hla) This is an interview dedicated to our students from Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy and Sphaeram Academy, and our crew members from Kreativ Künste Productions. Michael Law Ming Wai is part of our panel of Honorary Patrons to advise us on matters related to the Performing Arts and Music. His years of experience in the field may provide some useful insight to our young performers today. Read on and be inspired.

Q: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?
A: I would say it has been almost 4 decades since I’ve been in the entertainment industry. However, I have not been that active all the time. I usually keep a low profile.

Q: How did you enter the entertainment industry?
A: I started when I won the Asia Pacific Singing Contest in Hong Kong (organised by RTV, the predecessor of ATV) back in 1978.

Q: What inspired you or why did you choose to be a performer?
A: It is in the blood. My parents loved singing and they sang very well although they took it only as a hobby. My brother loved Drama on stage and learnt the Pipa (a Chinese Traditional instrument) and my sister played the piano from a young age. I used to play the harmonica; I was the Team Captain of La Salle College Harmonica Band. It was a pride as we won the Inter-School Music Festival 4 out of 5 years. The first 3 consecutive victories were solid wins, which boosted our school’s reputation. I did not sing yet back then. However, someone urged me to somewhere along the line and I did just that, and never looked back since.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing as a performer?
A: Talent, heart, soul and an outgoing personality to begin with. After that, it is all experience and practice. Practice may not necessarily make it perfect but it surely helps!

Q: Is it easy to be a performer?
A: Nothing is ever easy my friend. Eating and drinking are also not that easy if you ask me. One needs effort to chew and swallow. If the food is too hot, one must be patient enough to wait for the food to cool down too. Having said that, just because something is not easy does not mean it is not possible. One just needs to keep trying and go on waiting. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle, in your opinion, to be a performer?
A: To be, nothing. Even one whom most deem lack the ‘look’ (ugly) can be a great actor. One who possesses a husky voice can still be a great singer. It all depends on whether the market is open for that role.

Q: How important is ‘creativity’ in the performing arts field?
A: In my opinion, it is not so important unless you are aiming to become a composer-singer or director-actor. Why do I say this? Look at the world renowned singer Johnny Mathis who became famous by singing other singers’ songs. It was through his great voice and good singing technique that practically helped him seemingly ‘transform’ many of the songs to be like his own.

Q: How is Public Relations (PR) skills important in this field?
A: It is very important if it is not most important. In good hands, one can go way further and climb the hierarchy because the entertainment field is built on good connection.

Q: What are some of the things the younger generation should watch out for when entering this field?
A: I am not very sure. I, as the older generation, am still trying to figure that out.

Q: To the younger generation in the performing arts field, what is your advice to them?
A: As I have said earlier, one must possess talent, heart, soul and an outgoing personality to begin with. Then, gain more experience through practice. Listen more, watch the successful ones and learn more from them. One should also learn from their failures and figure out the core reason(s) that had led to that.

Q: To the younger generation in the performing arts field, what is your advice to them?
A: As I have said earlier, one must possess talent, heart, soul and an outgoing personality to begin with. Then, gain more experience. Apply your imagination!

Q: How can the younger generation find a future in this field?
A: Never give up and never stop trying! Who knows when the opportunity will come? One must always be prepared. With the tough competition in this field, always try your best to be better than the rest!

Q: How can one remain inspired and keep their hopes up in excelling in the performing arts field?
A: Always stay thirsty and hungry. Always keep learning. One must also always be humble, confident and grateful!

I have always been grateful to my mentor, the late Maestro Leung Yat Chiu (口琴大師梁日昭老師) who taught our School Harmonica Band back then during our Golden Era and led us to great success. I'm also thankful to our outstanding student representative, the late big brother Mr. James Wong (已故才子黃霑大師兄). Heartfelt gratitude also goes to the panel of judges (not in any particular order) for the Asia-Pacific Singing Contest 1978 that I won:

The Renowned World Record Music Programme Host - Uncle Ray - Mr Ray Cordero;
Hong Kong's Top Conductor Professor Yip Wai Hong (指揮名家葉惠康教授);
The Late Entertainment Entrepreneur Philanthropist  Maestra Mona Fong (娛樂界鉅子慈善家歌唱家邵方逸華大師) ( 已故 );
Maestra Lola Young (歌唱家楊羅娜大師);
Maestra Rebecca Pan (歌唱家潘廸華大師);
Maestra Bao Pui Li (歌唱家鮑蓓莉大師), and
Maestra Jiang Hwa (歌唱家江樺大師)

We must always be grateful to those who have helped us at any point in our lives. As the famous Chinese idiom reminds us: "飲水要思源!" (when we drink water, we must remember the source of it - never be ungrateful).

About Michael Law
Michael Law Ming Wai (羅銘偉), former Hong Kong TVB and ATV artiste, popular programme host and singer, graduated from the prestigious La Salle College in Hong Kong.

He won the Champion title at the Asia Pacific Singing Contest and was a Runner-Up at the Grand Final that was organised by RTV (now ATV). He is known for playing the male lead role in a Chinese production movie titled "A Widow's Romance" [ 好女不愁嫁 ].

His talent is not confined to only singing and acting. Apart from his performing roles, Michael Law is also an outstanding emcee. He used to be a programme host for both of the cinema giants in Hong Kong; TVB and ATV. Michael was also invited to be the emcee for the United Nation's Forum.

He has organised and sung in many concerts. A compassionate individual in wanting to serve others, Michael participated in countless charity and fundraising activities. He was also nominated for the 2013/2014 Universal Achievement Awards in the United States.

Michael Law's outstanding performance at his roles as an emcee, singer, entertainer and actor has gained him an international recognition and a place in the distinguished full-length documentary 
serial titled "Chinese Today" ["今日華人" 文獻]. 

Truly passionate about the performing arts, Michael Law is still going strong in his fields. More charitable events are coming his way and he strives to deliver a performance better than before each and every time. He is still active in singing at concerts, hosting various programmes and emceeing at prominent events in Hong Kong and abroad.  

His motto is: "There is no such thing as the best, just try being better than the rest." 
(世上沒有最好  。只求做到更好!)

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