Luck VS Faith

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Do you believe in this word called ‘luck’? I believe many people do and some may even label themselves as being ‘lucky’ all the time, or even ‘unlucky’. When something that seems ‘too good to be true’ happens, more often than not, most people will just write it off as ‘sheer luck’. This similarly accounts for unwanted circumstances that take place in one’s life as well.

As you can see, many people thus believe in an external power that is responsible in governing their lives and shaping their circumstances. Many lead on their lives believing that they have got no control whatsoever in producing the results or outcome that they so desire in their lives. This common misconception is one that gave birth to the term called ‘luck’. Many fall and define their lives by this word called ‘luck’. So, it is no wonder that the lives of these people have an oscillating effect of temporal happiness and misery.

Today, I am writing this article to show you that the true power indeed does lie within yourself, and not at all dependant on any other external circumstance or source. To begin with, I would like to narrate to you a story of an 83 year old woman. This 83 year old woman, when seen on the side of the road, would automatically be dismissed as merely an ordinary 83 year old. She is, however, not as ordinary as she may seem for she is much more than that; she is a living enigma. This lady had won a notably large number of prizes from various contests so much so that she is labeled as ‘The Winning Sage’. Prizes such as washing machines, televisions, Hammond organs, out-board motors, free trips, cash prizes and many more have been won by this lady over the years of her life. It has been reported that by the year 1982, she has practically won over 5,000 prizes and she has had too many prizes that she had to give them away.

Sounds amazing? To top that, her biggest achievement in her art-of-winning was winning herself a luxurious home from Formica Inc., having been chosen out of 2 million entries. These statements may appear bizarrely impossible to believe but this astounding woman is none other than 83 year old Madam Helene Hadsell herself.

(Miracle Winner - Helene Hadsell)

(Helene Hadsell with her family in her Fomica Inc. House Prize)

(Hadsell's legend covered by the Press)

You must now be wondering as to how Helene Hadsell did this. For one, she definitely does not believe in luck, chance or accidents. The uncanny ability of this Alvarado, Texas lady to win anything she desires has been published by newspapers and magazines (as visible from the images attached).

Helene’s remarkable ability to manifest for herself the prizes she desire is owed to a book that she had read over 50 years ago. Back then, Helene was only an ordinary 33-year-old housewife living with her husband and her three children. Their home back then was in Grand Prairie, Texas and was but a modest one. Their lives were comfortable, but not at all luxurious enough to have extras. Their lives began to change after Helene discovered the book written by Norman Vincent Peale titled ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. The basis of Norman Vincent Peale’s message in that book was that ‘you can have anything you want so long you know what exactly it is that you want’! Saying thus, that was and still is the notion that Helene lives by ever since then.

Helene does not view the ability to manifest one’s desire as something ‘magical’. In fact, it is actually something that anyone can do, provided that they realize their innate power and believe in it. This skill will only get better and better in time with constant practice and there is absolutely NO such thing as failure. There may, however, be a delay in results.

Madam Hadsell is not the only one in her family who is capable of turning her dreams into reality. She has, in fact, taught this skill to her entire family that they collaborated by participating in many contests together. They worked as a team by each contributing their positive energy, creative ideas and active visioning. Each of Helene’s family members has then been capable of achieving their own dreams. Intrigued with the skill that his mother has taught him, Helene’s son Chris entered contests that won the family a trip to Disneyland.

So, what is Helene’s secret? To summarize Helene’s secret, she designed a four-step formula, which in short is known as SPEC:
1) Select it.
2) Project it.
3) Expect it.
4) Collect it.

Recently, she has put together her secret techniques to let the society benefit from them. Again, a remarkable story accompanies as to the how she got to sell millions of copies of her book ('Name it & Claim it') worldwide.

According to Joe Vitale’s (an international personal development coach) story, there was a young man who was so broke that he lived in his car who helped Helene publish her book. He had no money, no experience and did not even know where to begin. He nevertheless had a very clear goal; he wanted to make ONE MILLION DOLLARS and then move to India. Helene had a similar goal that she wanted to also make a million dollars and open a center of her own to teach these principles. These two agreed that the man would pay her a royalty of 50% (something unheard of till today) for every book sold. The man began his mission and Helene trusted him, despite receiving oppositions from her late husband. She surrendered, let go and allowed things to unfold by itself for she believed that “…if it’s meant to be, it will be…”. Six months later, the man in question returned and handed her a check with a large amount of money. He achieved his goal; he made his million dollars and moved to India while Helene was given back her full right on her book, had her money and opened her center.

From Helene’s story, one can draw the conclusion that people aren’t born ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’. For Helene, she is what most term as ‘lucky’ because she embodies within her a winning attitude. Helene said that “… there is no (such thing as) happenstance”. She lives her life expecting to win, and she does!

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3 Responses for “ Luck VS Faith”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't believe in luck. Hadsell's book was phenomenal for me!

  2. Thompson says:

    I so need a car right now.. Hadsell can help me manifest one for free.. I'll be more than glad to receive it.

  3. Instead of having Hadsell gifting you one, why not gift the car to yourself? When you've received the car within, the car will objectify itself without. After all, the whole world is just a dream. Just select your dream wisely. Good luck!


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