Potato Miracle to Combat Acne and Pimples

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Are you a sufferer from a simple case of pimples, or even severe acne? If you are, then this article was written especially for you!

With the high pollution rate in the world today, there are many chronic sufferers from a terrible case of acne beginning from their secondary school days. Due to this, a wide range of anti-acne products, claimed to be effective in overcoming the problem, are available in the market today.

The products sold on the market to combat acne are usually filled with chemicals (as many modern products for acne are still today) and may not even fit the size of your pocket. Nevertheless, the agony that one suffers from acne or pimples would lead one to overlook any seemingly negative effect that these products may bring.

Acne sufferers tend to be more vulnerable to suffer from lower self-esteem as they are highly conscious of their appearances. A sufferer may be impatient in wanting to see instant results, and they therefore jump from one product to another just to find a bigger hole in their pockets with no significant improvement on their faces.

If this sounds like your story, fear not for the remedy is just within your reach! 

The miraculous word to end your acne-pimple misery is ‘potatoes’! This ‘cure’ is so common that you may even find one now in your kitchen. Otherwise, it is not at all expensive to purchase some now from your local market.

Many people whom have suffered from a terrible case of acne have found using potatoes effective in clearing their acne. The results are almost instant.

Potatoes can be a natural remedy to many health conditions. This article will however focus on using potatoes to rid one from his or her acne misery.

- All you need is a potato (preferably the small-sized ones so that you do not waste it).
- Cut 2 slices from it, and rub the ‘sticky’ side against your entire face.
- (If your case is severe, cut another two slices, and do the same).
- Leave it to dry naturally for about 30-60 minutes before washing it off.
- Repeat procedure preferably twice a day (morning and night).

Note: Severe acne sufferers should leave it on whole night when you go to bed for optimum results.

If you have followed the procedure strictly as introduced in the above, you should be able to see results very soon. After your first few applications, however, the acne/pimples may seem to worsen. Do not hesitate to continue the regimen as it is only drawing out the toxins and preparing your skin for the healing process to take place. After the third day, you may then start to notice a huge improvement (provided you adhered strictly to the procedures as stated in the above).

Additional Benefits:
Apart from healing your face from acne/pimples, the potatoes also lighten the scars that are left behind or even freckles and pigmentation. The usage of potatoes also tightens your pores, and removes whiteheads/blackheads effectively. It also serves well for one who suffers from dark circles around the eyes.

Conclusively, potato is the answer for many of your skin problems.

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3 Responses for “ Potato Miracle to Combat Acne and Pimples”

  1. Joanna Hawkins says:

    This post is still a classic! Thank you!!!

  2. Joy says:

    I have some in my kitchen! Will try it for one week and see how it goes.. I'll tell all of you the results! Muaccccks! Thank you Genevieve!

  3. Leena says:

    Nice! Thank you Genevieve!!


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