South Indian Homemade Dessert: Rava Kesari

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"Rava Kesari" is a popular dessert item from South India, especially in the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka region. It is one of the easiest dishes to prepare if you are rushing for time. This dessert is ideal for an everyday family dessert or can even be served during a party.

1 measure of Bombay Rava
2 Tbsp of Ghee
1/4 measure of Cashew Nuts
1/4 measure of Raisins
3 measures of Water
3/4 measure of Sugar (!Too much sugar is bad for health. You may reduce the measure!)
1 Tbsp Butter

Note: 'Measure' means a cup or container of your choice.


1) Dry fry the Bombay Rava on a non-stick pan until aroma rises. Store and leave it aside.
2) Add Ghee into a non-stick pot and fry the Cashew Nuts. After 1 minute, add the Raisins and continue to fry for another minute.
3) Add 3 measures of water into the pot containing the fried Cashew Nuts and Raisins, and leave it to boil.
4) Insert sugar and stir.
5) Then, slowly pour in the Bombay Rava as you stir gently.
6) Add Butter to give the Kesari a finer texture. Continue to stir thoroughly until mixture appears evenly mixed.
7) Pour into bowl and allow it to cool.
8) When it is cooled, the mixture hardens, and it is now ready to be served.

NOTE: If you prefer a softer texture, add 4 measures of water instead. Colouring is not good for the health, but if you like, you can add some.

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  1. Steffie McQueen says:

    I tried this! YUMMM (have wanted to try cooking indian desserts for a long time)


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