Nannari for Weight Loss

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Nannari, also known as Sarsaparilla or Sogade Beru, is a herb that contains many medicinal properties. Alternative Medical practitioners in India recommend juices made from Nannari to reduce body temperature since it is a natural coolant. Ayurvedic practitioners use this herb to reduce a patient's Pitta dosha, which makes it particularly useful for the hot summer months.

It is also well-known to help people, who drink its juice, lose weight. It has also been used as a demulcent to relieve body pain, provide relief from constipation and acidity, purify the blood, alleviate inflammation of the liver and spleen, urinary disorders, anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis and overcome wheezing. Nannari is also a herb popularly used by practitioners to treat infertility and impotence.

Siddha practitioner Dr. Varadrajan concluded, after an extensive research on medicinal herbs, that the Nannari herbal mixture has no side-effects since it acts as a diaphoretic.

Here is the simple recipe to this wonder drink:

100g Nannari (Sarasaparilla) roots
1kg sugar
6 Lemons
1 ltr water

(NOTE: White sugar is extremely dangerous to your health. Replace it with organic sugar instead)

1) Break the roots into 1 to 2 inches per piece.
2) Dry them under the hot sun for half a day.
3) Crush the roots and remove the hard portion from the inside of the root.
4) Powder the remaining parts.
5) Boil the water in a vessel. Once it boils, remove the vessel from the fire.
6) Add the powdered root and mix well.
7) Leave the mixture aside for 8 to 10 hours. Do not disturb it!
7) Then, after the 8 to 10 hours, strain the mixture with a muslin cloth into another vessel.
8) Add sugar into the mixture.
9) Place the mixture onto the stove again and boil to prevent the sugar from sticking to the sides. Make sure it boils until it becomes slightly sticky in texture.
10) Remove it from the heat and leave it aside to cool.
11) Once cooled, add lemon juice to the mixture to improve its taste.
12) The drink is ready to be served.

This Nannari syrup is best drunk in the morning before breakfast. People who drink the Nannari juice have been observed to lose weight over a few weeks.

Nannari roots can be wrapped in a plastic sheet and kept in the fridge. Some prefer to add soda water (though it is not recommended) to mix their Nannari juice. The root cannot be easily obtained from your regular grocery stores or supermarkets, but they can be purchased from Ayurvedic or Organic stores. Although the roots are not widely available, there are many shops selling Nannari concentrate, saving you all the hard work listed above. The sugar used to make these drinks can however, be bad for the health. There is nothing like making your own Nannari syrup.

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Author: Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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7 Responses for “ Nannari for Weight Loss”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will try. Thanks!

  2. Do get back to us on the results. I am sure many readers would love to read them. Thank you in advance.

  3. Julia Wayne says:

    Anyone knows where to get this in Canada? There are not many Asian herbal shops around where I live. How fast am I expected to wait before I start seeing results?

  4. Nand says:

    I bought a bottle of this Sarasparilla Juice from a popular shop in Palakkad. all you need to do is to add the juice of half a fresh lime and mix with water and 2 cubes of Ice and stir into a beer mug. Its simply amazing ! most refreshing drink I have had in a long time.

  5. Without sugar sogade beru is best

  6. lily ouellet says:

    I know about this herb root, one of my friend who is in India (Railseema area) bought for me, really organic cooling cool drink.
    thanks for sharing about Nannari.
    For weight Loss Supplements you can check below url.

  7. lily ouellet says:

    I know about this herb root, one of my friend who is from India (Railseema area) bought for me, really organic cooling cool drink... thanks for sharing about Nannari.

    For weight Loss Supplements you can check below url.


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