The 'Impossible' Can Happen

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'Impossibilities'  may well be seen 
as 'possibilities' once we have 
a more in-depth understanding.

It is easy to regard the terms 'possible' and 'impossible' as accurate and inflexible descriptors of a particular event. However, much depends upon our own particular assessment or interpretation of the situation. The more information we have and the more objective we can be in assessing its relevance, then the more likely we are to be able to apply the correct name descriptor to it.
'Impossibilities' may well be seen as 'possibilities' once we have a more in-depth understanding.

As an illustration I will recall an example from my own experience of when I thought that the cause of a particular event I was observing was 'impossible'. On further reflection I decided I had better investigate as to whether the cause of this event could it in fact be 'possible'?

It was late in the day and the sun would be setting in less than 2 hours. I dragged my inflatable boat with its 25 horsepower motor out of the water and onto the beach, secure in the knowledge that the tide was going out. My boat would not be floating off and leaving me behind on this uninhabited island. It was weekend and I was seeking a short break from work, away from the routine daily events that made demands upon my time and energy.

It had been a tiring journey in the tropical sun. Down the long meandering river, out across the bay and into the South China Sea. So, after unloading my rucksack onto the beach, I set off walking towards a large beached log I could see about 100 metres away along the shoreline. I would sit there for awhile before setting up camp and searching for driftwood to light a fire to cook my evening meal. It was relaxing, sat on the log. The sun no longer burned with its former intensity and there was a cooling breeze. The gentle lapping of the water along the edge of the beach did not break the absolute silence. There were no waves. Peace and tranquility for the weekend.

I suppose I had sat there for about half an hour when I saw a small creature walking in my direction along the waters edge. There were no humans on this island, but I knew that I was not truly alone. I watched as the creature came closer and I could identify it as a hermit crab. Surprisingly, it was carrying a custard cream biscuit held up high in its large front claw. No doubt it was well pleased to be in possession of this food item, but where it was taking it, I had no idea.

As the crab strutted its way along the beach, I began to think how strange it was that both I and this hermit crab, should both possess custard cream biscuits. Mine remained in their unopened packaging in the zipped-up nylon pocket of my rucksack, whereas the crab's was on public display. Surely it was 'impossible' for there to be a connection. There was no way this small creature could have opened my rucksack. Yet, custard cream biscuits are not the normally found on uninhabited islands. I needed to get off my backside and go investigate. So much for peace and tranquility.

I set off walking back along the beach towards my boat. As I got nearer I noticed something on top of my rucksack. It was another hermit crab. A hole had been chewed through the nylon pocket, the plastic wrapping of the biscuits had been torn open and the creature was in the process of extracting a biscuit. A second crab was awaiting its turn on the sand.

So, the fault was with my assumption that the only way to access these biscuits was by the same means that I would use - unzip the pocket and take them out. Sometimes we forget that there are other options to the ones we personally adopt. 'Impossibilities' may be overcome if we can relax our self-imposed restrictions and "think outside the box".

I still use that rucksack with it's hole chewed through the pocket and I still wonder how they knew exactly where to chew and what motivated them to check out this new arrival on their beach.

We shared the biscuits.

Author: Maurice Thurman

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  1. William says:

    I hope the crab enjoyed the biscuits!


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