More Healthcare Professionals Embracing The Principles of Natural Healing

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(hla) The popularity of Complementary and Alternative Medicines in the Philippines was evident at the 12th Annual Conference organised by the Philippines College in the Advancement of Medicine Inc. (PCAM) at Club Filipino, Manila last month.

Themed "The Power of Natural Healing", participants and speakers from different parts of the world and from different backgrounds congregated in Manila to share their expertise on the different modes of alternative medicines. It is interesting to note that many members of PCAM are healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses and dieticians, all of whom are strong advocates of natural medicine. They believe that this field has a major role to play in modern medicine today.

So is the integration between modern medicine and traditional medicine possible? Absolutely. Many modern medicine practitioners at the conference shared their experiences in integrating as much as possible the various components of natural healing in their practice. For instance, Dr. Nelson Mari L. Gaba, who is a dentist by profession, integrates treatment in a holistic way by not using dental amalgam as dental fillings due to the harm caused by toxic metals such as mercury. He said that amalgam fillings contain up to 50% mercury, which can leech into various organs and thus lead to health defects such as numbness, tingling, tremors in the fingers or toes and weakness of the limb, inability to concentrate, depression, blurred vision, mood swings, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, paranoia, social phobia, metallic taste and many more.

Delving into medicinal herbalism, Dr. Kelly Raber from the United States discussed about herbs such as bloodroot and Chaga mushrooms that have anti-cancer effects. He mentioned how supplements are useful in aiding cancer patients to deal with their symptoms.

While it is interesting to see how many healthcare professionals have embraced natural healing practices in the Philippines and in other parts of the world, perhaps it would do the world alot of good if practitioners from both fields join efforts in  investigating and innovating new treatments for diseases to make medical treatment more effective and cost-effective for patients around the globe.

Author: Silambarasu Karuppiah

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