Andhra Special Cuisine: Ragi Muddha (Ragi Riceballs)

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Ragi Muddha (also known as Ragi Mudde in Kannada: ರಾಗಿ ಮುದ್ದೆ or Ragi Sangati: రాగి సంగటి) is a delicious and healthy meal popular in the Karnataka and Rayalaseema regions in India. The dish is a storehouse of numerous nutrients, and it is known among farmers to be a good source of energy and strength. The rural folks told me that a Ragi Muddha diet will build your immune system to make you strong and healthy.

Doctors often recommend Diabetic patients in India to consume Ragi Muddha (using only pure Ragi flour without rice). It can also be served along with sambar or chutney for better taste. The most common dish to accompany Ragi Muddha in Andhra Pradesh is Menthi Kura Pappu (Fenugreek Dhal).

Today, I will only focus on how to make the Ragi riceballs.

1 measure of rice
1 measure of Ragi flour
4 measures of water

Method:1) Boil the rice as usual until the grains are soft.
2) Throw in the Ragi flour and put on the cover and boil the mixture for another 1 minute.
3) Use a wooden spoon and whisk the mixture until it appears fine.
4) Let it cool down a little and grab a handful of the mixture and carefully make it into a ball with your hand.
5) Serve along with any dhal or chutney.

Simple and easy, isn't it? Don't forget, it's very healthy too! The dish goes easy on your digestive organs as well.

Some people add some salt while boiling the rice. If you like that, try it!

Famous Menthi Kura Pappu (Fenugreek dhal) goes very well with this dish. Recipe coming soon. Stay tune!

Author: Genevieve Tan Shu Thung
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