Descale Your Kettle Naturally

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Have you always wondered what to do to remove the white patches in your kettle? Those chalky deposits are actually limescale due to the evaporation of 'hard-water'. To prevent damage to the kettle itself, you have to constantly get rid of the limescale. If you allow the limescale to continuously build up in the kettle, it may also start to appear repulsive for boiling drinking water. I would never drink water from such jugs, would you?

Fortunately, there is no need to buy any expensive limescale remover available in the market today. Rescue is here. The steps to remove these patches are as easy as A-B-C, not forgetting that it is cheap too!

Many people opt to use distilled vinegar. But I would suggest that you try boiling a couple of lemons first before resorting to vinegar.

Fill the jug / kettle with water. Then slice two lemons into half, and throw them in. Start boiling your kettle. Once the water is boiled, switch the kettle off and leave it aside overnight. In the morning, you will find that the internal part of your kettle is now sparkling bright without any trace of chalky patches.

Sometimes deposits may be stubborn. If required, just repeat the same procedure with another two lemons. However, to deal with really stubborn deposits, resort to white distilled vinegar instead.

For this, boil the water in the jug / kettle. Then add in 1/4 portion of the vinegar (to water) and leave it aside. After 1 hour, wash the jug and voila - it is ready!

This is how we clean black stains off aluminium / stainless steel cooking pots too. For best results, we combine both the vinegar and lemon when we boil water in the aluminium pots to remove stubborn stains. Before we know it, the base of these pots have become sparkling clean.

Author: Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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3 Responses for “ Descale Your Kettle Naturally”

  1. Regina says:

    My mom used to do this! It really does take off the annoying white patches.. I've totally forgotten about this since she died. Will try it on my yucky kettle tomorrow.

  2. Should have mentioned in the article that drinking hard water can cause hairfall! Not many people are aware about this!

  3. @DharmaMaya: Did you see the title of the post? It specifically focuses on HOW to de-scale the kettle, instead of focusing on the effect of drinking hard water.


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