Don’t serve “LATE” on your MIND-PLATE!

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Ever experienced running out of time and rushing for something, saying to yourself all the time that you’re late, late, LATE?! You hurried yourself into finishing whatever you were doing and gasping for breath, you later realised that you have forgotten to pack some important items. For this, you hurried back home again simply because you cannot go without it, and found yourself even MORE LATE than ever for the bus?!

Because of this you had to hire a taxi, who took a seemingly “shorter path” to reach your destination, but an unexpected accident slowed down the traffic, which again made you reach your destination even later!! Everything just seemed to have gone wrong that day, and nothing could have been worse!

Sounds familiar? Everyone must have experienced such scenario at least once in their lifetime, and I am very sure it was not only ONCE!

Our society has been shaped in a way that everyone rushes for practically everything. From a traffic rush to a sales rush, everyone seems to be straining their bodies to meet something called “TIME”, a concept that has been established by Man.

If you want to be ‘on time’ for anything at all, my advice for you is to NOT serve the “late” meal on your ‘mind-plate’! What does this mean? It simply means DO NOT think you are late!

When you focus on being late, you are more likely to be late. Since our mind is the instrument that shapes our circumstances, what you focus on must come to pass. The more agitated you are on being late, the more likely you are going to be late because you focus on ‘being late’ with such intense energy, unnecessarily fueling it with your anger, frustration and worry.

Whatever you serve on your plate is what you are going to ‘enjoy’ or ‘suffer from’. If you serve fresh fruits, that’s exactly what you’ll be enjoying. If you serve yourself a rotten apple, the consequences are that you will be suffering from an upset stomach.

Whenever things do not go your way, take a breather. Calm your mind, and focus: “I am on time. Thank you!” Feel the gratitude that you would feel whenever you’re on time.

When you serve this on your plate, this is exactly what you will be enjoying.

I will relate to you what happened to me in early May 2010. I had just finished my medical training one afternoon, and I wanted to go home. I got out of class early to wait for the bus. As I was tired and had not gone home for nearly 1 week, I felt agitated that I had to wait for so long before the buses actually started moving. Naturally enough, the bus left very late that day (more so than usual).

In the evening, after placing my laundry in the washing machine, a friend invited me over to her house. It was already 9.15pm, and the girl was chasing me to go to her place early. But the washing machine was taking quite some time to complete its cycle, and I NEEDED the clothes for the next day. I kept thinking to myself: "Oh my... I'm late.. I'm late. I'm late!"

After the laundry was ready, I put them up to dry and left for R's place. I tried to catch a taxi outside my building, but to no avail. This, I must add, is very uncommon because there are normally plenty of taxis waiting like a line of sharks for passengers. But just that day, every single taxi seemed to pass by me as though I was invisible.

I had to walk all the way to the other side to stop one. The route was sandy. What was I to expect anyway? I lived in Dubai; it's a desert for goodness sake! After boarding, I shook my feet off the sand and told the taxi driver my destination, and he acted as if he knew the place. But halfway through, he detoured from the normal road, and brought me around the city. The meter was already running high this time. He suddenly told me to get down the car at a particular place, which I was not even familiar of. He was stalling time by telling me all the rubbish excuses as to why he could not bring me to my destination.

Reminder: This is VERY COMMON in Dubai. Beware of taxi drivers around.

Finally I won the argument and he brought me to my desired location. And another argument started as I was NOT going to pay him double the price of what it would have cost me had he used the normal route. I told him I would pay him only that certain amount, which I would normally pay other taxi drivers to reach that destination.

Looking at the watch, it was already 10:30pm! It took me about 1 hour to reach R's place that day, which would normally take only me about 15-20 minutes! All these so-called ‘bad coincidences’ happened one after another because I was focusing on being late!

Since then, I do my best never to serve "Late" on my "mind-plate". Even when everything on the outside reminds me that I am late for something (even for flights), I close my eyes and imagine that I am on-time. I do not have to rush because I have all the time in the world... Guess what? Taxis have done their best to rush me to work by overtaking other cars during a heavy traffic (something that is not common at all for Dubai taxi drivers). After all, it is not their responsibility to bring us to our destination on time. I have also experienced being the last "lucky" passenger to check-in for my flight just before the counter closed (30 minutes before take-off)! It was embarrassing though, as the entire aircraft was waiting for me alone, but I HAD to catch that flight immediately after work due to an emergency back home!

So remember, focus on being on time and you will be! When you do, circumstances will be shaped in a way that will allow you to be on time. It could be that the facilitator of a particular meeting was caught in a traffic jam. It could also be that the chairman was stuck in a lift. Whatever it is, there is no need to comprehend how it will happen, but it will! You may then appear to others that you are 'lucky' that such coincidences took place and had prevented you from being "late" for an event, but you know better that it was you who made it so!

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Author: Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

Copyright © 2012 Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources
Holistic Living Annex
(Volume 1, Issue 3 - APR 2012 Edn)

3 Responses for “ Don’t serve “LATE” on your MIND-PLATE!”

  1. Francis Jose says:

    I am early, Thank you. I am early, Thank you. I am early, Thank you. I am early, Thank you. I am early, Thank you.

  2. Pete says:

    I'm going to be early next time. Just you wait and see boss! Lol

  3. Kate Hayley Lawrence says:

    Dearest Master, thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us. Our journey in spirituality with you has been nothing less than inspiring.


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