Dream BIG!

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When something goes wrong in life, people have a tendency to blame others for their own circumstances. Whatever it may be, they will always come up with some reasons as to why they have failed. Never do these narrow-minded people ever want to take responsibility for their failure, which is why they cannot mould themselves to success.

There is this story of a professor who brought a jar, along with some pebbles and sand into his classroom to demonstrate to his students why people fail!

He said: "Look at the sand, it is found at the bottom of the jar. It is saying that if only it was not the first to fill up the jar, then it will end up on the top. So let us take out everything, and fill the jar with pebbles first, followed by the sand."

The professor did exactly that. After filling the jar with pebbles, he began to throw in the sand. He shook the jar rigorously, and the sand ended at the bottom again!

With a smile, the professor again said: "Now the sand says that there are too many pebbles in the jar. If we were to take out some pebbles, the sand will definitely stay at the top."

So, he removed some pebbles and repeated the above. After shaking the jar, the sand still fell to the bottom.

What is the moral of the story? The sand represents narrow-minded people. They always find excuses to account for anything that goes wrong in their life. Such people always think that without any 'opponent', they would fare much better in life. But it is not so! Why is it that some people still thrive and do so well despite the strong competition? The answer lies in their ability to think big!

Those who limit themselves to circumstances and think narrowly always end up at the bottom and there is no one else to blame but themselves! Life always shakes you up. It is a drama full of motion. In order to remain stable even with life's shake-ups, your mind have to be stable.

When the mind is weak, any situation can be a problem. When the mind is balanced, life becomes a challenge. But when the mind is strong, any situation will become an opportunity for excellence.

You lose nothing by thinking or dreaming big. Haven't you heard? When you aim for the star, you may fall on a tree. But if you aim for the tree, you may fall onto the ground!


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