What is Life?

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People often ask the question, "What is Life?"

There is but a simple answer. Life is just what you make out of it, is it not?! So many have searched the meaning of life in all the wrong places, when the real answer lies within! They have searched everywhere else, except within. It is like you searching for a pin in the farm when you have lost it in your own house.

Everything is from within, not without. There is no purpose of life that can be found 'out' there if you were not prompted from within in the first place. Or else, why is it that some fight more strongly towards a certain goal, which others do not? That is because each of us have different roles to play according to our inner calling. So judge not other people's interests for you may not have even discovered your very own.

There is nothing out there that can offer you the definition of Life except that which you have set yourself. Everything depends on your own perception. You can live life in 3 different ways:
1) Positive,
2) Negative, or
3) Indifferent

Positive-thinking people have disciplined minds. Come what may, their spirits would never be broken. Their minds do not give way to anything negative to govern the pattern of their thoughts, which we all know is responsible to shape our outer reality for thoughts give rise to feelings, which in turn direct our actions. Actions repeated over time form habits, and habits build our characters, which is the determinant of our destiny.

On the other hand, those who have the habit of focusing on the glass being half-empty would only see life a full of misery. They see lack in everything. Hence, the feeling of dissatisfaction arises and this feeling of discontentment engulfs their being until they reach a point of having no mental peace.

These people will always seek excuses for all the seeming 'black holes' in their life, whereas a positive person will always own up to any mistake they have done, and remind themselves never to repeat the same mistake again.

A negative-centered person will search for a thousand and one reasons as to why things did not go his or her way, whereas a positively-geared person will find a thousand and one solutions to the existing dilemma instead.

We call these positive people Proactives! Due to their 'never-give-up attitude', they will always turn every obstacle into a challenge, which will bring them one more step further in life. They do not dwell on the past. They move forward with open arms, knowing that more challenges are to come their way, to continuously increase their mental aptitude, so much so that problems of the past will no longer seem as problems. We are all in this vast Universal school. We are given riddles and puzzles to solve so that we can expand our awareness to realise that we are infinite beings. Therefore, shedding our limited thoughts is vital!

At the end of the day, it is our attitude towards life that cradles us or breaks us.

Is it that difficult to be positive? In fact, it is the easiest thing to do. You are much better off being positive than negative. Try gripping your hand into a fist tightly, doesn't that tire you? Similarly, don't hold on too tightly to what has happened, or what is happening now in your life. Let go! Let the river within guide you. Let it flow through you. It is easier to follow the flow of the river (which is within) than to fight its course!

Did you know that it costs you much more 'etheric energy' outflow when you are negative? Why waste that energy dwelling on unfruitful thoughts and feelings instead of using it to develop the areas of your life instead?

When you grasp something so tightly, it is because you are afraid that what you now hold will soon be gone. You are unsure of your capabilities, doubting that nothing better will come your way. Golden opportunities are often lost that way, because you become so focused on that small thing that you fail to see the bigger picture.

I have had conferences whereby students spent so much of their time telling me why they were not worthy of their goal. This included the lack of education, skill and many more. The thing is, why waste all that time listing all your CAN'Ts instead of using that time to go fill in all the necessary gaps, which you believe are missing from your life? If it is a language skill that you lack, instead of spending 1 hour in your attempt to justify that this is the reason why you cannot achieve what you want, isn't that 1 hour better spent by actually learning the language? If you could spend 1 hour telling me why you can't do something, you must have also spent way more time dwelling on it within yourself, plus you could have also wasted time telling others about it!

Imagine, how much time has been wasted that way over something futile and unproductive. Idle talk will never help you ascend the ladder of success!

To adopt a negative or positive attitude is a choice. You can choose to be happy, or unhappy. It is really that simple. If you choose to be positive, without a doubt, you will be happy for you will give way to nothing to bother you. On the other hand, if you choose to be negative, then every single little thing will agitate you. So at the end of the day, happiness is a choice.

Release all tension and worries. Use minimal force to handle the drama of your life. Do whatever that is necessary to bring your dreams into reality. When you do something that really resonates with what you feel within, you will no longer feel it is a chore because it is part of you. It is unnecessary to exert any additional force when you are flowing according to the course of the river within. In fact, with the aid of its current, the river will bring you to the end of the destination of your inner calling even faster.

Hence, my advice for you people today is to go out and live life filled with positivity for you are a glorious being! Nothing can fail you but yourself. So, don’t fail yourself. Pursue your dreams to its maximum, always believing in your own capabilities. Even the sky is not your limit!

As Within, So Without
Dream Big!

Excerpts of Lecture delivered by Genevieve Tan Shu Thung
London, UNITED KINGDOM (July 02, 2011)

Source: Sandhya Maarga Organisation

Copyright © 2012 Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Resources
Holistic Living Annex (Volume 1, Issue 3 - APR 2012 Edn)

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